Around The Yard: Torzie Boylett

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Torzie Boylett
December 6, 2016

A lot has happened since my last blog post; my team won the Ivy League Championship, my parents came to visit me, Harvard-Yale, Thanksgiving, oh and some pretty interesting domestic politics... This semester has truly been a great one, so as finals are upon us it brings me great pleasure to look back at such a fun few months.

When I last wrote this blog my team was 3-0 in the Ivies and I was very excited at the prospect of us potentially winning the championship but we still had a very long way to go. So we took it game by game, never thinking too far ahead and this allowed us to really focus on specific goals during practice. As a team, we collectively understood what we were trying to achieve and we trusted that our coaches would lead us down the right path to success. We all knew how badly each of us wanted to win which enabled us all to really work hard for one another and push that bit harder when it really mattered. Sure enough the week’s passed and we remained undefeated in the league and now we are the 2016 Ivy League Champions. It is the first time Harvard has won since 2004, I am so proud of my team and I am incredibly lucky to be in such a wonderful team with such incredible girls. Due to our national ranking we also qualified for the NCAA tournament. We drew Syracuse for our first game, last year’s national champions. It was a tough game which sadly we lost, but it was an incredible experience. It has been a fantastic season for HFH and I am already so excited for next season and getting our awesome championship rings!

University is such fun, I love being independent and doing things myself but no matter how old you are, it is always incredible being with your family. My mum and dad came over to visit and watch me play field hockey in October. I always miss them so much and so I am always elated when they arrive. They treated me to lovely dinners all week which I really appreciated as I was able to get out of the Harvard bubble. I really love my family and so it means a lot that they take the time to come and visit me from across the pond! This visit was made all the more special because during one of the games they watched as I scored my first goal for Harvard! I am counting the days until I fly home for Christmas so we can be reunited again and I can eat one of my mum’s delicious Sunday roasts!

On the subject of food and family, last week was Thanksgiving! I took the Greyhound bus to Poughkeepsie, N.Y. to visit some extended family. I haven’t had the chance to visit them since last year so it was really great to go and spend time with them and it was also great to relax before finals. In England, we don’t have Thanksgiving, so the tradition is still very new for me but I am a huge fan of anything involving food. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for me. My cousin bought a 20-pound turkey; it was the biggest bird I have ever seen- it could feed an army! We had an absolutely delicious meal and I ate far too much- but it was so worth it. I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep over the break and I have come back ready to take on the last few weeks of school and finals!

My final period is going to be tough, it always is but because I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes this semester I know studying will be made much more interesting. I have had a fantastic start to my Sophomore year and I can’t believe how fast this semester has flown by but I am so ready to go home to my family and see my darling dog!