Around The Yard: Angelina Ye

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Angelina Ye
March 2, 2017

Around the Yard: Leslie Jones Style
A star of Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters, and her ever popular skit with Drake, the one and only Leslie Jones made an appearance on campus this past weekend. Thanks to the Office of Student Life, all students were offered tickets to her show, completely free of charge. That Friday evening, after a few classes, a quick practice, and a convenient Annenberg dinner, I met up with a few friends and headed to Sanders Theater.

From there we picked up our tickets and got in line where the girl in front of us declared that she had “been in line since 5:30” despite the show not starting until 8. Our wait however was short lived as the presence of good company helped pass the time. The doors promptly opened at 7:30, the ushers scanned our tickets, and we rushed in. Despite my roommates wanting to sit in the back, as to avoiding being picked on by Leslie, I, naturally, made us sit dead center, front row.

Opening the comedy show for Leslie was Jon Laster, a comedian from Denver. He made the classic joke that he was smarter than all the Harvard students, he cracked a few about the city of Boston, and to my pleasure he singled out one of my teammates who was “laughing too hard.”

While Jon was hysterical and brought tears to my eyes, the real entertainment didn’t start until Leslie Jones herself came out. In her three inch Nike heels (I didn’t know they made those either) she strolled onto stage, confident and energetic. Either constantly screaming, screeching or just laughing at her own jokes, Leslie was everywhere - jumping, running, and at one point even crawled on the ground. She called out the huge statues towering over the seats in Sanders Theater and she put “Otis” in his place. From there she gave us background information on her life, covering everything from her college days, to what she’s doing now, to what she thinks us Harvard students have and have never done. Her energy was high and her laughter was contagious as the theater never stopped clamoring. She ended her skit by walking through the columns of stands and by singling out, and making fun of, as many Harvard students as she could. She then simply walked out of the theater, and the show was over.

While it is easy to classify this experience as just another fun night out with friends, in reality, this comedy show, given by a renowned comedian, was an opportunity of a lifetime. The fact that the college was able to bring in someone so famous, and at no cost to the students, was something truly outstanding, and holding such enriching events like these is something that the college does very often for us. It is events like these that make me realize why Harvard is unique and deemed the best university in the world: not only for it’s phenomenal academics and amazing athletics, but because the college truly cares about their students, and give a very large effort to make the Harvard experience one of a lifetime.