Harvard Radcliffe Foundation for Women's Athletics

HRFWA was established in 1981 by the Athletics Department to help provide financial and social support to women's athletic programs at Harvard. HRFWA supports women's programs by distributing funds annually to Friends groups through an incentive plan that encourages women to give to their Friends group. The interactive allocation plan draws approximately half of its funds from the HRFWA endowment; the second half is generated by annual gifts raised through the phonathon and alumnae/Friends solicitations.

Interactive Plan Overview

I)  Matching Gifts

• At the start of the fiscal year (July 1), HRFWA will match the first 40 gifts of $1,000 from alumnae given to a specific Friends group.  Once 40 total gifts are received (this usually happens within the first few days of July), no more matching gifts will be rewarded.  

• Each $1,000 gift must go to a single Friends group ($1,000 gifts cannot be split between two or more Friends groups).

Only one alumna donor may give a $1,000 gift. Combined or group gifts are not allowed. Parents cannot give on behalf of their daughter.

$1,000 matching gifts will be capped at five matches per Friends group (thus no Friends group will receive more than $5,000 in matching gift rewards).

•In addition to the first 40 gifts of $1,000, HRFWA will also match the first eight gifts of $2,500 to a specific Friends group. $2,500 matching gifts will be capped at 1 match per Friends group. The $2,500 matching gift may be in addition to the five $1,000 gifts matched. BONUS: The first Friends group to receive a $2,500 donation from an alumna who HAS NOT given $2,500 or more in the past will receive an additional $500. 

II) Participation Rewards

• In an effort to increase participation levels by alumnae, the HRFWA endowment distributes small stipends to Friends groups based on the percentage of their alumnae who donate $50 or more

• To qualify, Friends group must reach the 20% participation threshold based on alumnae gifts of $50 or more.

Other HRFWA Programs

I)  Friend of the Year Award

  • Each spring, HRFWA acknowledges the Friend of the Year award recipient with a $500 donation to his/her Friends group.

II)  Phonathon

  • The HRFWA Annual Phonathon is held in February each year and all women's teams are encouraged to participate.

• Funds raised during the Phonathon contribute to the overall HRFWA incentive plan and comprise the majority of the annual gifts given to HRFWA.

• Financial rewards are given to Friends groups based on student-athletes attendance and donor participation results during the Phonathon.

For more information, contact:

Shanna Kornachuk – Assistant Athletics Director or call (617) 384-8241

Debbie Goldfine ’85 – Chair, HRFWA