Former Baseball Standout Ben Crockett Visits Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Former Harvard baseball standout Ben Crockett '02, who currently serves as director of player development for the Boston Red Sox, stopped by campus on Wednesday to speak with the club. Crockett, who was drafted as a junior by the Red Sox in the 10th round in 2001, but choose to return to Harvard, touched on many topics with his former team.

Among the highlights, Crockett addressed the team on the importance of a selfless nature in the clubhouse and keeping goals and focus small. Crockett stated that "the goal is each day is that day; Not what happen yesterday or will happen tomorrow." A second-team All-American selection as a senior in Cambridge, Crockett also touched on being reliable and accountable, and finding the small things that players can do to help the team win, including trusting teammates to get the job done or to push others to excell on and off the field.

After Crockett chose to stay at Harvard for his senior season, the former Crimson hurler was selected by the Colorado Rockies in the third round of the 2002 draft. At present, Crockett, who graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics, plays an integral role in the development of the Red Sox farm system, assuring everything runs smoothly.