ESPNBoston: Ehrlich Learns the Dangers of Trash Talking

Photo of Carl Ehrlich (left) and Sean Hayes after their recent FLNA game in Barcelona.

Editor's note: Carl Ehrlich, who was the captain of the 2009 Harvard football team, is in Spain to play football. He's chronicling his experiences on and off the field for Today he reveals the downside of competitive trash talking.

When I was a kid, my brother and I competed in the "Ehrlich Triathlon."

For the first event, we picked a sport. These ranged anywhere from stickball to basketball to, for a brief and misguided period in my athletic career, aggressive in-line skating.

Actually, the first "sport" was just a backdrop for the real first event: Trash Talking. Anyone who has played anything against me (or read my last blog) knows I'm well practiced in this arena.

From this came the second event in the Ehrlich Triathlon: The Backyard Brawl. Using everything from elbow pads to pitching wedges (I wish I was joking), my brother and I would inevitably drop the gloves or the ball or whatever and settle the score like "men."

Thankfully, this was before my brother learned anaconda chokes and heel locks.

The Backyard Brawl then led to the third and final event: Run and Tell Mom. It required fleetness of foot as well as judicious cunning, because the only real way to win the final stage of the Ehrlich Triathlon was to tell your side of the story quickly and coherently.

I mention this because, after a week of trash talk on my part aimed at my former Crimson teammate, Sean Hayes, his Barcelona Pioneers put a 39-0 hurting on the Firebats.

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