No. 2 Harvard Lights Overcome Wind to Breeze by No. 6 Cornell, No. 8 Penn

The Harvard varsity eight has won its two spring races by a combined 20 seconds.

ITHACA, N.Y.—The second-ranked Harvard lightweight crew took four of five races, including the varsity eight, from No. 6 Cornell and No. 8 Penn on a cold, windy Saturday morning on the Cayuga Lake Inlet.

In stark contrast to the sunny morning on the Charles that saw Harvard top Delaware in last weekend’s season opener, all the crews had to battle temperatures below 35 degrees and a crossing headwind that started at 10 miles per hour and grew close to 30. Harvard picked up wins in the first and second varsity eights and both freshman eights.

“It was a good day,” said head coach Charley Butt. “Every boat rowed well, so we have to be happy about how the day went for us.”

The Crimson varsity eight (3-0) gradually pulled away from its top-10 competition, winning by more than 11 seconds in 6:14.3. The Big Red (2-1) edged the Quakers (3-3) by just half a second for runner-up status.

“It was a steady movement, which is a sure sign of a good race,” Butt said of his varsity’s progress in the race.

Harvard’s second varsity eight faced more adversity, trailing by a few seats in the first half of the race. The Crimson moved through the opposition by 900 meters in and went on to win by more than six seconds in 6:22.5. The third varsity lost to Cornell by just a few feet of boat and six-tenths of a second.

The Crimson freshman eight started with a small lead and improved the margin slowly and steadily, crossing in 6:27.5 to win by 2.7 seconds. The second freshmen raced only against the host Big Red, posting an 11-second victory.

Varsity Eight
Harvard 6:14.3
Cornell 6:25.6
Penn 6:26.1

Second Varsity Eight
Harvard 6:22.5
Cornell 6:28.8
Penn 6:42.1

Third Varsity Eight
Cornell 6:33.2
Harvard 6:33.8
Penn 6:44.2

Freshman Eight
Harvard 6:27.5
Cornell 6:30.2
Penn 6:42.8 

Second Freshman Eight
Harvard 7:03.5
Cornell 7:14.5

Harvard Lineups
Varsity Eight
Cox: Dexter Louie, 8: Tim Moore, 7: Austin Meyer, 6: Will Newell, 5: Martin Eiermann, 4: Billy Hennrikus, 3: Andrew Trott, 2: Jared Dourdeville, 1: James Stewart

Second Varsity Eight
Cox: Lizzy Maybank, 8: Tyler Caldwell, 7: Ben Bayley, 6: Michael Murray, 5: Sean Duncan, 4: Andrew Corcoran, 3: Benjamin Tuyp, 2: Tom Nesel, 1: Michael Silvestri

Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Angela Chang, 8: Jordan Cotton, 7: Gary Pellisier, 6: Matt Gibbons, 5: Christopher Oland, 4: Joseph Shivers, 3: Martin Wallner, 2: Joshua Foote, 1: Kevin Fiamingo

Freshman Eight
Cox: Paul Farber, 8: Florian Mayr, 7: Erich Schultze, 6: James Groeneveld, 5: Nicholas Gates, 4: Michael Paresky, 3: Tom Foley, 2: Matt O'Leary, 1: Alex Newell

Second Freshman Eight
Cox: Alex Saal, 8: Kevin Connolly, 7: Gabriel Lloyd, 6: Craig Herron, 5: Arturo Villanueva, 4: Chris Henderson, 3: AJ Carvalho, 2: Francisco Triana, 1: Simon Maas