Harvard Lightweights Win Green Monster

HANOVER, N.H.—Following the trend set by their varsity brethren this fall, the Harvard lightweight freshman crew outraced their competition in the Green Monster Regatta Saturday on the Connecticut River, while the Harvard heavyweights entered a pair of novice boats.

Crimson lightweight boats placed third and fourth in a field of 24 freshman and novice entries on the three-mile course. Teams race even lineups among their top two boats, and the winner is determined by the fastest combined finish. Trinity placed second in the team competition with entries placing fifth and sixth.

Two boats of Harvard heavyweight novices gained valuable competition experience, placing 12th and 18th. The Crimson lightweight C and D entries earned 11th- and 19th-place finishes, respectively.

The Harvard lightweight B entry took third place in 15:20.2, less than three seconds behind runner-up Holy Cross. The Crimson's A boat finished in 15:23.8, topping the first Trinity boat by 12.1 seconds. Dartmouth had the top-finishing individual boat.

Both the Harvard lightweight C and heavyweight B boats earned finishes in the top half of the field. The lightweights placed 11th in 16:23.9, while the heavyweights finished just 2.8 seconds off that pace. The other Crimson heavyweight boat crossed the finish line in 17:19.8, while the final Harvard lightweight entry clocked a time of 17:30.5.

The Radcliffe heavyweight and lightweight crews also competed at the event. The Black and White heavyweights placed second as a team, while the lights entered one boat, which finished eighth overall, first among lightweight entries.

Harvard Lightweight Boatings
Harvard Lightweight A
Cox: Jacob Saal, 8: Alexander Bonorris, 7: Jon Young, 6: Eli Leavitt, 5: Timothy McLaughlin, 4: Nelson Arnous, 3: Johnathan Budd, 2: Matt Pawlowski, 1: Connor Mangan

Harvard Lightweight B
Cox: Jonathan Shpall, 8: Nic Astrup Wiik, 7: Stefan Skalbania, 6: Christopher Magnani, 5: Malte Zopfs, 4: Robert Hawthorne, 3: Ted McKlveen, 2: Simon Lieu, 1: Ross Svenson

Harvard Lightweight C
Cox: Rob Cooper, 8: Aleja Jimenez Jaramillo, 7: Dylan Neel, 6: Henry Klingenstein, 5: Hunter Fortney, 4: Dan Fitzpatrick, 3: Owen Senders, 2: William Grayson, 1: Sam Rashba

Harvard Lightweight D
Cox: David Tang-Quan, 8: Sam Barrington, 7: Michael Huntley, 6: Alex Boota, 5: Brandon Brier, 4: Derek He, 3: Ali Bayar, 2: Adrian Jones, 1: Rohan Goel