Row2k Interviews Andrew Campbell ’14

by Ed Hewitt, 

Starting this week, USA lightweight single sculler Andrew Campbell embarks on a rare attempt to compete in two World Championship regattas – this week in the Under 23 Worlds, and then in a month at the Senior Worlds (though this year the double Worlds isn't unique to Campbell, as Ben Davison is trying the same in the U23s and Junior Worlds). row2k talked to Campbell about how he got started in the sport, how he plans to approach the double championship summer, his new sponsorship by Red Bull, and how he felt seeing his siblings make US teams as well.

Going back to the beginning, how did you first get involved in rowing?
I first got involved with rowing when I was in middle school. I lived in the Midwest in the Chicago area, pretty close to Lake Michigan where there was a lot of sailing. As a middle schooler, my community had a sailing program that I got involved with, and I really liked it. At the end of middle school, my Dad got transferred so we moved east, where I lived in a small town. There was no sailing league in the spring and fall like there was in Chicago, so I needed an activity or sport. At the time I had done swimming for enough years to hate it, so I decided to try rowing because I thought it would be like sailing, because it was out on the water. 

As it turns out, it's absolutely nothing like sailing, but the physicality of it made sense to me, and I liked working out, I liked lifting weights. I got in with a good group of guys who were my age and had really good coaches, so I stuck with it.

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