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Men’s Soccer Players Receive Summer Accolades

Ross Friedman was named to Men's Super-20 League All-Tournament team (Gil Talbot).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Harvard men's soccer defenders Ross Friedman and Mark Ashby have been active this summer in the club soccer world.  Friedman, a rising junior, joined the Crew Juniors in the Super-20 League this summer.  After going all the way to the championship game with the Crew Juniors, Friedman was named to the 2012 Men's Super-20 League All-Tournament team.

Friedman's excellent defense was praised by USL National Technical Director Peter Mellor.  "I've seen him hit a 60-yard diagonal ball and hit his target time after time," Mellor spoke about Freidman, "It's also the quality of the ball.  He's a great talent." 

Freshman defenseman Mark Ashby helped FC Dallas to take the Under-17/18 Development Academy Championship.  Ashby was a starter for FC Dallas during the tournament.