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Horn Trophy Team Race Results

Racing on the Charles doesn't get much better in November. Bountiful
sunshine with a SW breeze ranging from 2 to 7 knots. Six teams sailed 3
round robins for a total of 45 races on a Collegiate N course. Lots of
close racing with many lead changes.1 protest resulted in a DSQ for the
Jumbos in race 17. Many thanks to Nick Ray and Sam Millham for helping
with the RC duties.
Team:         wins-losses:
Harvard      12-3
Tufts           11-4
Vermont     10-5
Jumbos       8-7
BU             5-10
Bowdoin    0-15

Another gorgeous day on the Charles. The breeze started out from the
West at 6-8 knots. It eventually shifted to the NW and NNW and got very
shifty with large wholes in the breeze. The results from the previous
three round robins were used to seed the teams for a series of
elimination matches which were all best of three.
Harvard beat Bowdoin 2-0 in Match 1.
BU beat Tufts 2-1 in Match 2.
Vermont beat the Jumbos 2-0 in Match 3.
Vermont beat BU 2-0 in Match 4.
Jumbos beat Tufts 2-0 in Match 5.
BU beat Bowdoin 2-0 in Match 6.
Harvard beat Vermont 2-1 in a tough battle that saw many lead changes
throughout each race to claim the 2009 Horn Trophy.

1. Harvard
2. Vermont
3. BU
4. Jumbos
5. Tufts
6. Bowdoin

Liz Powers '10/Marie Appel '10
Emily Lambert '12/Alex Jumper '12
Colin Santangelo '11/Sarah McCuskee '13

Meghan Pesch '11/Alyson Yee '12
Renee Gagne '12/Midori Tanaka '12
John Work '12/Marina Minoolis '12

Alex Arnsten '12/Alyssa Maynard '11
Kim Kaull '13/Ellie O'Brien 12
Declan Kelleher '12/Taylor Maguire '12

Margaret Rew '11/Amelia Quinn '13
Nathan Prosenberg '10/Reeves Bright '12
Peggy Tautz '10/Adam Weisman '12

Gordon Mack '10/Amanda Johnson '10
Brenna Malloy '10/Alejandra Higgins '13
Caroline Wilhelm '11/Samantha Sawan '13, Lalitha Anderson '12

Charlotte Williams '10/Caitlin Beach '10
Jane Koopman '10/Clare Henry '12
Kat McNeil '12/Leah Hughes '11
Billy Ronman '11/Katherine O'Brien '12