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Players in the Pros

True life after Harvard for many spells a career in law, medicine or politics. For some former Crimson hoopsters, it is a career in professional sports which awaits. Below is a sampling of Harvard players who have taken their skills and knowledge of the game to the next level.

Name Team Years(s)
Allison Feaster ’98 Los Angeles Sparks 1998-2000
  Charlotte Sting 2001-06
  Indiana Fever 2008
Professional Basketball    
Name Team Years(s)
Elizabeth Chandler, ’88-89 SC-Wustenrot (Germany) 1989-91
Reka Cserny’ 05 Sopron (Hungray) 2005-07
  Valenciennes (France) 2007-08
Sarah Duncan ’89 Coburg Cougars (Australia) 1990-91
  Nordlingen TSV(Germany) 1991
Allison Feaster ’98 Anadia/Sanitana (Portugal) 1998-99
  Aix-en Provence (France) 1999-2001
  Valencienne (France) 2001-05
  Ros Casares Valencia 2006-07
  San Jose Leon (Spain) 2007-08

Famila Wuber Schio (Italy) 2008-09
  Perfumerias Avenida Baloncesto (Spain) 2011-12
  Uni Girona CB (Spain) 2012-13
  C.B. Alcobendas (Spain) 2013-14
Jessica Gelman ’97 Ramat-Hasharon Electra (Israel) 1997
Christina Lackner ’07 Boom Bulldogs (Belgium) 2007-08
Hana Peljto ’04 Nice (France) 2004-06
Katie Rollins ’09 TSV Viernheim (Germany) 2009
Emily Tay’ 09 TSV Viernheim (Germany) 2009-Present