No. 4 Yale Tops No. 20 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew for Case Cup

The second varsity eight traded the lead with Yale throughout its race.

DERBY, Conn. —No. 4 Yale swept five races from the No. 20 Radcliffe heavyweight crew, including a thrilling finish in the second varsity eight, Saturday morning on the Housatonic River.

The Bulldogs’ second varsity topped the Black and White by one-fifth of a second. It was a neck-and-neck race throughout, with Yale pulling slightly ahead in the last 500 meters. Radcliffe rowed back into Yale, but the Bulldogs were able to get their bow ball across the finish line first in 6:20.2.
“It was a really exciting race to watch, and I’m sure it was exciting to race in,” said Radcliffe head coach Liz O’Leary. “Today’s results were not what our team and coaching staff are looking for, but there were some encouraging signs against a fast opponent. Our varsity eight pulled hard and had a technically strong, consistent race, and our fours raced well.”

In the varsity eight race, a matchup of the top two finishers in last season’s EAWRC Sprints, Yale pulled away to finish in 6:01.60, while Radcliffe crossed the line in 6:19.9. The Bulldogs won the varsity four A in 5.7 seconds and the varsity four B in 5.2. Yale’s third varsity eight topped the Black and White by 14 seconds.

Varsity Eight
Yale 6:01.6
Radcliffe 6:19.9

Second Varsity Eight
Yale 6:20.2
Radcliffe 6:20.4

Varsity Four A
Yale 7:01.4
Radcliffe 7:07.1

Varsity Four B
Yale 7:19.2
Radcliffe 7:24.4

Third Varsity Eight
Yale 6:36.2
Radcliffe 6:50.2
Radcliffe Lineups
Varsity Eight
Cox: Jill Carlson, 8: Kate Morris, 7: Christine Baugh, 6: Jennie Peterson, 5: Laura Huppert, 4: Mary Maginnis, 3: Rachel Knaster, 2: Meg Kehan, 1: Jessica Flakne

Second Varsity
Cox: Amanda Deutsch, 8: Molly Tarrant, 7: Tara Larson, 6: Celia Kohl, 5: Michaela Pewarski, 4: Shelley Pearson, 3: Jess Mealia, 2: Kirsten Van Fossen, 1: Liz Soutter

Varsity Four A
Cox: Rachel Rauh, 4: Ariel Delgado, 3: Katie O'Hanlon, 2: Scout Moran, 1: Eleanor Conover

Varsity Four B
Cox: Andrea Rickey, 4: Marisa D'Orsogna, 2: Laura Savarese, 2: Margot Leger, 1: Lucy Chen

Third Varsity Eight
Cox: Jos Lai, 8: Alex Kuschner, 5: Rebekah Meyer, 6: Mary Jackson, 5: Sophie Bearman, 4: Mary Miller, 3: Christina McClintock, 2: Elizabeth Holly, 1: Shauna Stewart