No. 20 Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Falls in Close V8 Race at No. 5 Brown

Pictured: Scout Moran and Mary Maginnis were among the athletes in the Radcliffe varsity eight.

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Fifth-ranked Brown edged the No. 20 Radcliffe heavyweight crew by 2.6 seconds in the varsity eight event, one of four races between the Ivy League rivals Saturday morning on the Seekonk River.

The varsity race was the first of the day, and the competition was neck-and-neck throughout. The Bears gained a half-length lead about 750 meters into the race, and boats battled back and forth after that. Brown extended the margin slightly heading into the final 500 meters, but Radcliffe rowed back into the Bears and finished in 6:29.73, after Brown reached the line in 6:27.30.

"The varsity rowed a strong and aggressive race," head coach Liz O'Leary said. "I was proud of the way they competed and fought the whole way. They have a sense, more than ever, that they can compete with the fastest crews out there."

The Bears also won the final three races of the morning in a regatta that was relocated to Providence due to poor racing weather forecast on Radcliffe's home Charles River. Brown's ability to handle and recover well from some crosswind gusts served the Bears well in the second varsity eight and varsity four events. The Bears' second varsity finished in 6:31.93, topping the Black and White by 12.45 seconds. Brown had the two top-finishing boats in the varsity four, and Radcliffe crossed in 7:47.41.

In the third varsity eight, Radcliffe's time of 7:11.74 was 16 seconds off the Bears' pace.

Varsity Eight
Brown 6:27.30
Radcliffe 6:29.73

Second Varsity Eight
Brown 6:31.93
Radcliffe 6:44.36

Varsity Four
Brown A 7:31.92
Brown B 7:35.01
Radcliffe 7:47.41

Third Varsity Eight
Brown 6:55.73
Radcliffe 7:11.74