Harvard-Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Sweeps Beanpot Races

Harvard-Radcliffe Heavyweight Crew Sweeps Beanpot Races

The Harvard-Radcliffe heavyweight crew had an impressive showing at Sunday's Beanpot regatta, sweeping five races from local rivals Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, MIT and Holy Cross. The Black and White's No. 7-ranked first varsity headlined the winners with a 14-second victory.

Radcliffe traded its usual black and white apparel for blue and yellow Sunday to honor those affected by the tragic events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings. Crews from each of the five schools wore "Row for Boston" shirts designed by Corinne Wee of the Harvard-Radcliffe lightweight crew.

The crews rowed on flat water on the Charles River with a headwind that increased from 1-2 miles per hour to 2-4 miles per hour by the last race. Conditions were good for rowing, including temperatures over 50 degrees.

After winning the initial four races, the first varsity won the marquee race of the day after leading for nearly the entirety of the course. Radcliffe started strong and pulled ahead of the rest of the field within the first 250 meters. The Black and White proceeded to go up by eight seats by the 500-meter mark and led with open water when it crossed the 1,000-meter line. Radcliffe cruised from there and completed the route in 6:40.0 to win by 14 seconds over second-place Boston University (6:54.0).

Radcliffe's second varsity and varsity four 'A' also posted open-water wins. It took the fours just 500 meters to put water between them and the other boats before a 13.5-second win and the second varsity needed less than 1,000 meters to gain water. The 2V was up 1 1/2 lengths at that point and added to its lead in the second half of the race to win 6:46.9-7:00.9 over Northeastern in second.

In the other two competitions, Radcliffe dominated the third varsity race and the varsity four 'B' won by over five seconds. The Black and White's 3V came across at 7:12.2, while Boston College was the next closest at 7:26.5. The four 'B' was also ahead of second-place Boston College, winning 7:46.1-7:51.2.

By sweeping the races, Radcliffe claimed the Beanpot point championship with 53. Boston University was in second with 36 and Boston College came in third with 30. Northeastern (40) and MIT (10) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Radcliffe will travel to Columbus, Ohio May 4 to face Ohio State. The Buckeyes feature the No. 3-ranked first varsity boat in the country.

First Varsity
Harvard-Radcliffe – 6:40.0
Boston University – 6:54.0
Holy Cross – 7:00.6
Boston College – 7:03.7
Northeastern – 7:08.0
MIT – 7:12.4

Second Varsity
Harvard-Radcliffe – 6:46.9
Northeastern – 7:00.9
Boston University – 7:05.7
Boston College – 7:11.9
Holy Cross – 7:19.1
MIT – 7:27.8

Varsity Four 'A'
Harvard-Radcliffe – 7:50.2
Boston University – 8:03.7
Boston College – 8:07.9
Northeastern – 8:08.2
Holy Cross – 8:18.5
MIT – 8:38.2

Third Varsity
Harvard-Radcliffe – 7:12.2
Boston College – 7:26.5
Holy Cross – 7:33.5
Harvard-Radcliffe 'B' – 7:38.0
Boston University – 7:40.2
Boston College 'B' – 7:47.5

Varsity Four 'B'
Harvard-Radcliffe – 7:46.1
Boston College – 7:51.2
Northeastern – 8:05.2
Boston University – 8:08.0
Boston College 'B' – 8:18.3
MIT – 8:43.1