Radcliffe Lightweights Earn Two Medals at Head of the Housatonic

Pictured: Members of the Radcliffe lightweight B and A fours celebrate with their medals Saturday.

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SHELTON, Conn.—The Radcliffe lightweight crew earned a pair of medals and a sixth-place varsity eight finish racing against heavyweight competition in Head of the Housatonic regatta Saturday at Indian Wells State Park under sunny skies and against a firm headwind.

Radcliffe had two of the top three finishers among 17 entries in the women’s collegiate four. The lightweight varsity eight took sixth of 17 crews in the women’s collegiate eight. The Black and White boats were the only lightweight entries in each race. 

“It was a solid showing by the team, and I am pleased how we stacked up against heavyweight crews,” said Radcliffe head coach Heather Cartwright. “It was great to get two races under our belt as we prepare for the Head of the Charles. We took a lot of lessons away from today that we’ll address in the coming days and weeks.”

In the collegiate women's four, the Radcliffe lightweight women placed second, third and eighth of 17 crews, trailing only Williams. Radcliffe's lightweight B four came second with a time of 18:34.54. , while the A four was third in 18:37.909. The lightweight C four placed eighth. Radcliffe's heavyweight crews placed fourth, sixth and seventh.

Later in the afternoon, the Black and White lightweight varsity eight placed sixth, just 2.5 seconds behind the Yale heavyweight second varsity. The only crews to finish ahead of the Radcliffe lights were the top two heavyweight boats from Yale and Radcliffe and Williams heavyweight varsity eight. The lightweight second varsity placed 10th of 17 crews.

Radcliffe Lightweight Boatings
Varsity Eight (Bow 647)
Cox: Maryana Vrubel
8: Lizzy Bates
7: Natalie Wong
6: Elizabeth Lenczowski
5: Liz Hamilton
4: Emma Lukasiewicz
3: Erika McCormick
2: Devi Lockwood
1: Katherine Mallet

Second Varsity Eight (Bow 653)
Cox: Jana Douglas
8: Erin Flynn
7: Liz Dunkel
6: Lillian Alexander
5: Leah Schwartz
4: Emily Walker
3: Julia Mason
2: Danielle Guillete
1: Juliana Stone 

Varsity A Four (Bow  230)
Cox: Maryana Vrubel
4: Lizzy Bates
3: Natalie Wong
2: Elizabeth Lenczowski
1: Liz Hamilton 

Varsity B Four (Bow 235)
Cox: Jana Douglas
4: Emma Lukasiewicz
3: Erika McCormick
2: Devi Lockwood
1: Katherine Mallet

Varsity C Four (Bow 238)
Cox: Erin Driscoll
4: Erin Flynn
3: Liz Dunkel
2: Lillian Alexander
1: Leah Schwartz