Harvard Spends Time with Children from Kehlshala, Donates Apparel to Community

Photo courtesy of Chris Smith.

The top-ranked Harvard women's squash team is traveling to India for an 11-day training and service trip. Members of the team will post regular blog entries on during their trip over the next few weeks.

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Blog post by Sarah Mumanachit '13

The Harvard Women’s Squash Team woke up excited for another day in Chandigarh. In the morning, they had a great practice session including drills, game play (singles and doubles), plyometrics, some yoga, and ending with court-sprints. The team was able to complete a highly efficient practice on just two courts. After the productive practice, the team headed to the seamstress. After being measured for traditional Indian outfits, which coach (Satinder) Bajwa planned for the women’s team they returned to the seamstress for final alterations. The team was amazed by the beauty and uniqueness in each garment’s design, a combination of cream-colored cloth with of course embroidered crimson patterns.

As a reward for the day’s hard work, the team had an incredible time with the Khelshala kids both on and off the court. The fun ranged from Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, Animal Crackers, target practice with prizes, yoga, and homework help. To top it off, Khelshala had a special visitor, the Governor of Pujba. The governor came to observe the program in action and to express his support for Khelshala and its purpose. In the end, coach Bajwa presented the kids of Khelshala with Harvard Squash’s donations, which included apparel, shoes, goggles, and more.

With days like this in India, the team is not looking forward to depart in a couple of days.