Around The Yard: June Lee

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June Lee
April 16, 2015

I am proud to say Cambridge has finally decided that springtime means the weather should be above freezing! This is the first week the weather will consistently be in the high 60’s.

One of my classes took advantage of this great weather and held an awesome section on the roof of the Science Center. This class I am taking is called “Life as a Planetary Phenomenon” (SPU 30) and it has been teaching us how to examine the scientific quest to understand where life could or might thrive beyond Earth by using fundamentals like astronomy, planetary physics, and chemistry to provide a basis for the exploration for other habitable planets. The observing session was a great way to keep things interesting because we not only got to use binoculars and basic standing telescopes, but we also got to see the Clay Telescope in use (pictured at left). It is a 16" (0.4 m) telescope capable of taking quite nice photos considering the weather in Cambridge. The telescope is controlled using a Telescope Control System (TCS) and can also be controlled using a special software, called The Sky software. Believe it or not, we actually saw Venus and Jupiter through the Clay Telescope! There are always little surprises in certain courses that make you feel like the class was worth taking.

Being on a team at Harvard also means you are part of a family, and I got to really experience that feeling about a week ago. Our Ivy Season started last week and we started off the season playing Cornell and Columbia. Unfortunately we weren’t successful, but after a rough weekend, our Volunteer Assistant Coach, Debbie Goldfine, invited all of us over to her house to celebrate and experience The Passover Seder. The Passover Seder is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. My family isn’t really religious but it was really interesting to learn about another culture’s traditions. My teammates and some of Coach Goldfine’s family members and I were gathered around a table as we read the text of the Haggadah, sang special Passover songs, and ate amazing homemade food like latkes (potato pancakes) and even chocolate covered matza (pictured at right). That evening helped me realize that through the good and the bad, I will always have my teammates, and that being a part of Harvard Women’s Tennis translates to sharing a special bond with all previous and future members of the team on and off the court.

Following up on my last blog, I went to two more great places I’ve never tried before in Harvard Square for food. My friends and I went to Café Sushi and Cilantro. They are both located on Massachusetts Ave, right across from the Veritas Hotel. Café Sushi had many unique choices and Cilantro is a little Chinese restaurant that serves pretty standard and authentic Chinese food like soup dumplings, which is always fun to eat alone or with friends!

The school year is starting to wind down, only two more weeks left of classes and then it will be time for final exams. Time really flies! Our season is also coming to an end. We have three more matches left, Yale, Brown, and Dartmouth. Come watch us play our last home match of the season against Dartmouth on April 25th at 2pm at the Beren Tennis Center!