Around The Yard: Matt Sanders

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Matt Sanders
October 7, 2015

For the fourth time in my Harvard career, I left my sunshine filled home of Tampa, Florida and returned to Boston, Massachusetts. Much like my first three times leaving home, I was sad to leave my friends and family behind, but incredibly excited to get back up to school and see all my teammates, classmates, and coaches again. However, returning to school for my senior year had somewhat of a different feel than anytime before. Landing at Boston Logan airport had now become an all too comfortable routine. The cab ride from the airport was filled with familiar sights, and campus looked just as I had left it several months before. I enjoyed the idea of coming back to school feeling as though I had most things about Harvard figured out. Shopping for classes, starting the daily grind of baseball, and adjusting to late night studying felt more like my normal routine and less like any sort of adjustment. As the initial excitement of getting back to school slowly started to wear off, it was replaced by the very real feeling that my time at Harvard was beginning to run out.

Imagining life as a senior is a difficult if not impossible thing to do until you actually become one. For me, becoming a senior has given me an entirely new outlook on my life as a student. Harvard can be a place where appreciating the little things is something that gets lost in the shuffle. Everyone is always busy and has somewhere to be and something to get done. In years past, I considered things like the 20-minute walk from the quad to the baseball field a huge hassle, I dreaded going to a Friday morning section, and I dealt with plenty of stress the night before an important midterm. As I experience each of these things this semester, I have noticed myself enjoying them far more so than I ever have in the past. Each walk through the yard gives me time to reflect on the many memories I have made throughout my three years at this school, Friday morning sections are less painful knowing that very soon I will be waking up for work instead of class, and the stress of a midterm seems like a small price to pay for the opportunity to experience all the other things that go along with being a student at Harvard.

In short, becoming a senior has given me the opportunity to slow down and appreciate all the little things that define life at Harvard for so many students. As this year progresses, the feeling that my time here is limited will only grow stronger, and I’m certain my determination to appreciate everything about my college life will grow stronger as well. When I arrived back at school I imagined that academics, athletics, and a job search would create somewhat of a stressful and hectic senior year. However much to my surprise, senior year so far has been characterized by just the opposite, thanks to a new found appreciation for things I previously considered mundane, inconvenient, or stressful.