Around The Yard: Kyla Cordrey

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Kyla Cordrey
November 17, 2015

The past weekend marked the end of our 2015 season. It was bittersweet, as most endings are.  We said goodbye to our seniors and it hit me that my class has only one year left of field hockey. But, the weekend was also a great end to the season.

The team drove down to New York on Saturday, the day before our game. That afternoon, we had the opportunity to walk around New York City before being treated to dinner at the New York Harvard Varsity Club. This dinner was a special occasion, arranged for our team and the alumni of the field hockey program. The venue was beautiful, and the food was delicious (specifically dessert). But it was especially nice to see some of the recent graduates, who were one to two years out, be around teammates, and simply escape the atypical routine of class, practice, and studies. The dinner, hopefully a new tradition for the team, was a pleasure to be a part of, and I am thankful to the alumni who helped arrange it.

The next day was our final game, against Columbia. For me, this game had a lot of meaning attached to it. First, it was my last game with Elizabeth Jacobson, a senior captain on the team. She and I have gone to the same school since middle school. We played field hockey together throughout high school and on our club team, and Elizabeth has been a role model and great friend to me off the field as well. It was definitely sad to think Sunday was our last time playing on the same field.

Playing in New York also gave me the opportunity to see family and friends. I grew up in northern New Jersey, about an hour from Columbia. Some of my high school teammates and one of my high school coaches came to watch the game! Also, I felt extremely lucky that two of my three siblings were able to come to our last game. It is rare that my siblings and I get to spend time together during the school year, so it meant a lot that they drove up from school to the game!

It is surreal that our season is over. But looking forward to next year, I can’t wait!