Around The Yard: Gregory Royston

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Gregory Royston
April 26, 2017

Yet to return to a normal state after our Ivy Championship title defense this past weekend, I have found myself decidedly unproductive the last few days. It’s okay though – that feeling of satisfaction after a successful outcome of a semester of hard work and sacrifice is worth being enjoyed. If anything, it leaves me more motivated than ever to push hard through my busy reading period and finals week.

I remember the weeks before I decided to come to Harvard so vividly, and it’s pretty hard to believe I am now sitting here, about to enter my final summer and then year as a Harvard student. At the time, choosing universities seemed like the hardest decision of my life. Sometimes it scares me to think how close I came to not coming to Harvard; I’m really only here because of how fantastic the golf team was during my visit, just weeks before we had to accept our position in the class of 2018, and they have been no different for all three years I have been here!

I have always wanted to pursue professional golf following my time at college, so golf has played a probably larger-than-normal role in my experience here. It’s one of those things in life that you only get one shot at so I have always felt that I need to leave everything I have on the course while chasing my dream. Having said this, I think the best part of my college experience has been that I have had a college experience, not just a sports one. Whereas in other schools I was considering, it would have been a ‘drop all else for golf’ approach, here I have been encouraged by coaches and older teammates to have a life outside of athletics.

I must say that I am slightly sport mad, so in my free time I often find myself watching English Premier League soccer (which is enormously popular in South Africa), NBA and NFL games, and of course golf. I also avidly follow politics, and have spent many an evening watching elections or listening to famous speakers at the Institute of Politics. My economics concentration has been incredibly interesting, although my favorite classes have ended up being two electives – a class called Political Psychology and another one on negotiation and conflict management. I have also been to some lectures for a sports law class at the Law School, which I hope to take or audit next fall.

Although exams are coming up, I can’t help but slightly turn my thoughts towards NCAA Regionals, which happen in the week after finals period. It’ll be one more great week with the three incredible seniors who have defined my Harvard golf experience.