Around The Yard: Belinda Hu

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Belinda Hu
November 22, 2017

Beginning my first semester of college proved both challenging and exhilarating. It was a time of firsts: first night away from my parents, first meal in Annenberg, first midterm, first college golf tournament, and more. It was a whirlwind of problem sets, practices, and meeting new people. Everything was up in the air, susceptible to change. 

The one constant, however, was my team. From the start, they have supported me in more ways than one, making my time at Harvard so far amazing. Women’s golf may be small in size, with seven members, but this has only made our bond even stronger. 

One of my defining experiences as being a member of the team is our mentor-mentee system. On the team, there are mentors for each of the freshman to guide and support them throughout the year. Over the course of this past semester, my mentor, Ji Hae, has evolved into more than a teammate; she has become a close friend, companion, and role model. That’s the thing about being on a team. No one is just simply a teammate- they are so much more. 

Every Monday, we have team dinners, when we talk about our days and catch up with one another. Sometimes, we’ll have cupcakes if it is someone’s birthday. We aren’t just a group of people who play golf together. In fact, I can honestly say that my team has become family. And I cannot wait for four more years with them.