Around The Yard: Peter Blynn

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Peter Blynn
January 31, 2018

Lacrosse preseason is one of the most unique, exciting times of the year for the Harvard men’s lacrosse team. Due to Ivy League rules, our team is not allowed to hold full-team practices with our coaching staff until Feb. 1. As a result, our entire team comes back to school before the rest of the student body (this year on January 15) in order to train and practice together. For the first week, our team is completely on our own. We hold captains’ practices, lift together, and bond with one another all day long for a week before anyone else is here. It feels like we are back in high school at a lacrosse camp, only this time we are all working toward a common goal: to win an Ivy League Championship. I love this time of year, as we are ultimately responsible for how hard we work, and this year I was extremely proud of the quality of our sessions together. When we are not spending time down at the fields, the boys are buzzing in the dorms. Whether it is playing endless video games, watching football (Go Birds), or making trips into Boston for dinner or a movie, this week provides a great opportunity for the guys to build relationships. 

Preseason reminds me of how much I will miss the comradery of the men’s lacrosse team (the bays) when my time comes to an end at the end of this spring. My favorite experience of Harvard has been living with my seven best friends on campus, and I will miss spending almost every waking moment with these guys and the rest of our senior class. My time at Harvard has not always been easy, but I love this university and wouldn’t trade my experience here for anything. This time of the year is always an exciting one, and I can’t wait to go to battle with my 46 brothers on February 17th at 3 p.m. on our home turf.