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Harvard Band

Harvard Band

Since 1919, the Harvard band has supported Harvard Athletics with spectacular music and endless enthusiasm.

The world’s first university “scramble” band, the group presents a comic story at halftime of football games with demonstrative field formations, painful puns and a series of props. All of the music is student-arranged and updated regularly to keep a fresh repetoire. Notable shows include the 1968 Playboy show, featured on the magazine’s cover, the 1979 Lone Ranger show, complete with white-horse-riding drum major, and the 1994 playing of 1812 Overture. More recently, band shows have featured working Iron Man suits, snowball fights and 15-foot-long dragons.

As much as the band likes to keep things new and exciting, the team has a series of traditions that can be observed throughout football games, such as tossing confetti and flowers in the fourth quarter. The flowers hold a special place in the band’s heart. In a tradition that dates back to the 1950s, Alice Tondel, fondly known as “Mom,” gave yellow chrysanthemums to the dates of the then all-male Harvard band. Though the band integrated in 1970, Mom continued to watch over the band until her death in 1993. Today, the team throws flowers in her memory.

Every week, the band’s ranks swell with returning alumni, known as "Crusties," who play with the band and teach cheers from their eras with the team. 

Social Media

Instagram: @harvard_band
Twitter: @HarvardBand
Facebook: @Harvard.University.Band

2018-19 Band Roster

Name Year Instrument Senior Staff
Albert Chalom 2019 Clarinet Manager
Calais Galbraith 2019 Clarinet  
Carl Sibley 2020 Clarinet  
Charlotte Berry 2022 Clarinet  
Chris Chen 2021 Clarinet  
Dara Badon 2022 Clarinet  
Erica Wu 2022 Clarinet  
Jake Leary 2022 Clarinet  
John Tucker 2022 Clarinet  
Jose Avonce 2019 Clarinet  
Kara Murray 2022 Clarinet  
Kelli Aquino 2022 Clarinet  
Mia Kelley 2022 Clarinet  
Michaela Benedict 2022 Clarinet  
Nathan Lee 2021 Clarinet  
Nicole Mejia 2022 Clarinet  
Weimer Macuri-Espinoza 2021 Clarinet  
Allison Law 2020 Flute
Anabelle Paulino 2021 Flute  
Athena Braun 2019 Flute  
Emma Hansen 2021 Flute  
Jess Bishai 2020 Flute  
Joanna Tao 2019 Flute Student Conductor
Kristen Stawasz 2022 Flute  
Manuela Arroyave 2022 Flute  
Melissa Drake 2021 Flute  
Paige Lee 2022 Flute  
Rukmini Ganesh 2022 Flute  
Silvia Casacuberta 2022 Flute  
Sofia Corzo 2021 Flute  
Brandon Kim 2019 Mellophone  
Hadley Weiss 2019 Mellophone  
Lucaian Al-Tariq 2020 Mellophone  
Madeleine Waskom 2022 Mellophone  
Nathaniel Hilbert 2021 Mellophone  
Troy Appel 2022 Melodica (sax)
Alison Chen 2022 Percussion  
Clay Oxford 2022 Percussion  
Connor Bridges 2020 Percussion  
Dawson Schawang 2022 Percussion  
Fernando Urbina 2022 Percussion  
Ian Saum 2020 Percussion  
Jasmine Parmley 2021 Percussion  
Julian Miltenberger 2022 Percussion  
Kalos Chu 2022 Percussion  
Kassia Love 2022 Percussion  
Logan Qualls 2022 Percussion  
Midge Scheftel 2022 Percussion  
Pablo Zamorano 2020 Percussion  
Tess Carney 2020 Percussion  
Alex Pedersen 2022 Prop Crew  
Dalen Ferreira 2019 Prop Crew  
Emily Travers 2021 Prop Crew  
Faith Ng 2022 Prop Crew  
Meghan Turner 2022 Prop Crew  
Odessa Deng 2022 Prop Crew  
Rehan Zaib 2022 Prop Crew  
Aidan Connaughton 2019 Saxophone Drum Major
Annabella Espinoza 2021 Saxophone  
Bethany Jenkins 2021 Saxophone  
Changseob Lim 2019 Saxophone  
Emily Valentin 2020 Saxophone Drill Master
Emin Berker 2022 Saxophone  
Eric Hansen 2022 Saxophone  
Evans Berreondo Giron 2022 Saxophone  
Hannah Jackson 2022 Saxophone  
Harrison Oatman 2022 Saxophone  
Jacob Heberle 2022 Saxophone  
Jen Eason 2021 Saxophone  
Jessica Boutchie 2021 Saxophone  
Marcos Cecchini 2021 Saxophone  
Mariah Dimalaluan 2020 Saxophone  
Marika Thompson 2021 Saxophone  
Scott Mahon 2022 Saxophone  
Shawn Shivdat 2022 Saxophone  
Alister Pino 2020 Trombone  
Amie Garcia 2019 Baritone  
Daniel Gottesman 2022 Trombone  
Eli Martin 2020 Trombone  
Haniu Ren 2019 Trombone  
Jimmy Young 2022 Trombone  
Malia Marks 2021 Trombone  
Michael Colavita 2020 Trombone  
Ryan Chester 2020 Trombone  
Sierra Garcia 2021 Trombone  
Zhipeng Wang PhD student Trombone  
Alexander Barrett 2020 Tuba  
Gabriel Coonce 2019 Tuba  
John Davis MBA student Tuba  
Kevin Kurgat 2022 Tuba  
Richard Sweeney 2021 Tuba  
Domenic Caturello 2022 Trumpet  
Evan Hunsicker 2022 Trumpet  
Finn Weber 2020 Trumpet Schneider
Frederick (Fred) Horne 2022 Trumpet  
Henry Bosch 2022 Trumpet  
Joel Byman 2021 Trumpet  
Julian Schmitt 2022 Trumpet  
Kaylin Vrkljan 2022 Trumpet  
Mason Burlage 2022 Trumpet  
Nathan Wolfe 2019 Trumpet  
Sam Reed 2019 Trumpet  
Selket Jewett 2021 Trumpet