Written Senior Perspectives: Matt Hink

Written Senior Perspectives: Matt Hink

The 2017 Senior Perspectives is the 12th in a series of annual collections. Senior captains and representatives of teams at Harvard have been invited to contribute viewpoints based on personal experience from both their senior seasons and full varsity careers at Harvard.

Matt Hink, Baseball
Hometown: Ballwin, Mo.
Concentration: Engineering Sciences
House Affiliation: Leverett

Legacy… how will you be remembered once you leave Harvard? The concept of legacy was described to me on my official visit to Harvard in October 2013 by former assistant coach, Morgan Brown. I immediately reflected upon this concept and evaluated how I had attained this in my high school experiences and how I wanted to pursue a legacy in my four years at Harvard. I wanted to strive to have a positive legacy on this program in that when I return to Cambridge for reunions or games in years to come, my former coaches, teammates, and administrators alike will be able to smile and think upon the positive memories we created together while wearing black and crimson. This idea will hold true to me as I pursue the next chapter in my life, and I cannot help but thank my former coach for opening my eyes to this approach on life. 

After breaking my hand a week before opening day my junior year, it was difficult for me to persevere knowing I would not reap the benefits that spring of all the hard work put in during the fall and winter seasons. However, two things kept me going—my love for the sport, which no injury can take away, and the 30 guys that I was fortunate to spend hours with every day. I realized that the only way to gain true fulfillment from the countless hours I spent down at the field was to fully embrace my love for baseball. Through different journeys, experiences, defeats, and successes, I think sports have taught us all the importance of staying strong in the face of adversity that can come in many different forms. 

The intangibles that one acquires in playing a sport for Harvard are countless. Our student athletes travel across the country to face the toughest Division I competition, only to come back to campus and compete academically with the brightest and most intelligent students in the world.  Our competitive nature, work ethic, and dedication is unparalleled.  The competitive individuals that I have surrounded myself with the past four years have driven me to perform at the highest-level I can in all phases of life. By being around people who grew up differently than me, have different passions, and will pursue different paths to success I am a more well-rounded member of society.

My question to all future Harvard student athletes: How do you want to be remembered once you leave Harvard?