Student-Athlete Chief Marketing Officers Meet Industry Leaders

Student-Athlete Chief Marketing Officers Meet Industry Leaders

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Yelena Cashion, the Strategic Marketing Manager for the Boston Bruins, and John Steinert ’83, CMO of TechTarget, met with a group of Harvard student-athletes over the last few weeks as part of a series of guest speaker programming for the Harvard student-athlete Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) initiative. 

The Harvard CMO initiative is in its second year and is a comprehensive program designed to enhance marketing support across all 42 sports and provide leadership opportunities for student-athletes.  In partnership with Harvard Athletics Marketing, student-athlete CMOs help to provide marketing and promotional support to build fan attendance and engagement for their teams.

“I think it was awesome that we got to interact with Yelena on such a personal level,” said Brooke Istvan, CMO of the Women’s Volleyball team. “She gave us some great ideas about how to market our sports and ourselves. I loved the stories she had to share with us!” 

Yelena started as a strength and conditioning intern with Harvard Athletics.  From there she has had jobs with the New England Patriots, a brand strategy start-up agency and currently the Boston Bruins where she is responsible for developing brand strategy – including Clio and Emmy award winning brand campaigns including “In Our Blood.”

After graduating from Harvard, John’s career has spanned the globe from Boston and New York City to Tokyo. Starting on the creative side and eventually moving into business and strategy, he has worked for small independent shops, global holding companies and Fortune 500 companies. Currently, the CMO of TechTarget, he helps bring the power of real purchase intent insight to tech companies everywhere.  

“John Steinert has clearly had a long track record of success, and it was an incredible opportunity to learn from him,” said George Loring, CMO of Men’s Lacrosse. “Learning from his experiences and insights helped me understand how to market my team to the Harvard and broader community.”

Brooke and George are part of the Harvard student-athlete CMO initiative, which spans Harvard’s 42 varsity sports.