Harvard Radcliffe Foundation for Women's Athletics (HRFWA)

HRFWA was established in 1981 by the Athletics Department to help provide financial and social support to women's athletic programs at Harvard. HRFWA distributes close to $85,000 annually to Friends Groups through an “incentive plan” that encourages women to give to their former team. HRFWA’s funding comes from an endowment that generates income annually. HRFWA also raises money through an annual appeal and receives gifts from alumnae and friends who want to support women's teams.

The distribution protocol is comprised of two parts:

I)  Matching Gifts

• HRFWA will match the first 40 gifts of $1,000 from College alumnae given to a specific Friends Group in mid-September beginning at 10am EST.  Once 40 total gifts are received (this usually happens by the end of the first day), no more matching gifts will be rewarded.

• In addition to the first 40 gifts of $1,000, HRFWA will also match the first 8 gifts of $2,500 to a specific Friends Group.

•$1,000 matching gifts will be capped at 5 matches per Friends Group and $2,500 matching gifts will be capped at 1 match per Friends group.

BONUS: The first Friends Group to receive a $2,500 donation from a College alumna who HAS NOT given $2,500 or more in the past will receive an additional $500. 

• Combined or group gifts are not allowed. Parents cannot give on behalf of/in honor of their daughter—the goal is to drive alumnae donations.

• New in FY19 - HRFWA agreed to match any combination of $1,000 or $2,500 gifts up to $11,000 total for those Friends Groups that are not combined with a men’s sport (Field Hockey, Rugby, Softball and W. Volleyball).

II) Participation Rewards

• HRFWA will distribute $25,000 to Friends Groups based on the percentage of College alumnae donating $50 or more to their Friends Group (the more $50+ gifts from women, the greater portion of the HRFWA distribution a Friends Group will receive).

• The HRFWA Participation Challenge runs during the fiscal year, from July 1st-June 30th each year.  

Other HRFWA Programs

I)  Friend of the Year Award

  • Each spring, HRFWA annually acknowledges this award recipient(s) with a $500 donation to his/her Friends Group.

II)  Annual Appeal

• The Department sends out an annual HRFWA appeal to all former alumnae athletes and donors during the month of February (in conjunction with National Girls & Women in Sports Day).

For more information, contact:

Debbie Goldfine ’85 – Chair, HRFWA