New England Football Writers Luncheons Ending at End of Season

New England Football Writers Luncheons Ending at End of Season

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--After much discussion among the NEFW executive committee, we have come to the difficult decision that 2018 will be the last year of the weekly NEFW luncheons. While the luncheons will continue through the end of this season, the declining attendance by both schools and media, and the expenses the NEFW incurs for the luncheons make it impossible for us to justify continuing in future seasons. We are very aware of the tradition we're sacrificing. This is not a decision to which we came lightly.

We have developed an alternate plan that will be very similar to the Virtual Pre-Season Press Conference that we successfully initiated this year. Any school that wants to do a preview of its upcoming game will send a video to by Wednesday of each week and those will be posted on the NEFW website. We hope that this will lead to more inclusion, as schools that chose not to travel to the luncheons would be able to submit videos, and we know that many schools are already producing game preview videos for their own websites.

We will continue to select Gold Helmet recipients each week. The physical awards will be presented at the annual Captains and Awards Banquet at the end of the season.

We thank those of you who have continued to support the luncheons and special thanks to Harvard for being our host for many years.