Harvard Men's Golf Mission Statement

Our Mission: to educate tomorrow’s leaders through the pursuit of competitive golf excellence.
Our Vision is to inspire “how do they do that?” among all who encounter Harvard Golf.

Our Guiding Principles define our actions.  Actions define our character and help us achieve.

  • Competitive excellence happens with a results-informed focus on controllable factors. 
  • Act with integrity.  Play by the rules on and off the course.
  • Be positive inwardly and outwardly.  We become what we think of ourselves.

Operating Principles:  In order to accomplish our Mission and provide an outstanding experience for team members we will . . .

Attract tomorrow’s leaders by recruiting outstanding student-athletes who

  • Are representative of the Harvard student body.
  • Have the desire & commitment to be their best as a college athlete.
  • Show leadership and a preference to help others accomplish their goals. 

Educate tomorrow’s leaders via development and discovery.

  • Discover who we are, what we really want & what allows us to be our best. 
  • Educate via the lessons where sport mirrors life.
  • Develop life skills through balancing and excelling in multiple priorities.
  • Educate by measuring progress, encouraging self-reflection and providing feedback. 

Team Culture: Greatness is an operating mode – what you do, how you think – not an outcome.

  • Team members embrace healthy internal and external competition and its ability to develop individual and team performance.
  • The best teams are self-managed with self-sufficient members.  Prioritize team with open communication and by taking care of your own business to do your best. 
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts when individuals sacrifice for the team, know their role and play their role.
  • Team members do their best to bring out the best in themselves and their teammates.

Process Mastery requires desire, belief, confidence and commitment.

  • Desire to master, achieve and overcome obstacles differentiates the best from others.
  • Confidence is the willingness to put in the effort needed to succeed.
  • Belief must accompany desire in order to have confidence & commitment. 
  • Belief comes from pursuing and executing our own true performance levers.
  • Success is peace of mind knowing we gave our best effort.