Men's Lacrosse Team To Participate in Bike to the Beach 100-Mile Ride

Men's Lacrosse Team To Participate in Bike to the Beach 100-Mile Ride

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Current members and alumni of the Harvard men's lacrosse team will embark on a 100-mile bike ride in support of the Bike to the Beach charity organization on September 1. Starting in Boston, more than 30 current and former members of the program, alongside hundreds of participants will travel down to Newport, Rhode Island in support of autism research. This is the second year that Harvard lacrosse will participate in the Bike to the Beach charity ride and fundraising initiative.

Founded in 2007, Bike to the Beach raises money and awareness for autism through its 50- and 100-mile bike rides across the United States. With events in six cities across the U.S., Bike to the Beach donates all the proceeds to Autism Speaks and local autism charities in order to support research efforts as well as families affected by autism spectrum disorder. To donate to the team's fundraising group, click here.

Reflections on last year's race
"Biking 100 miles with a group of my best friends was the most difficult yet rewarding physical task I've ever accomplished. Despite wanting to give up quite a few times throughout the ride, the group—and the snacks from the rest stops—kept me going. To do it all for a cause that was greater than ourselves made the Bike to the Beach event special, and one that I will definitely sign up for again next year" – Sophomore Charlie Olmert

"Bike to the Beach was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but completing the 100 miles was one of the most rewarding moments of my life" – Sophomore Jack Frisoli

"Bike to the Beach was a rewarding way to support autism research. The experience challenged me in ways that I had not expected and inspired me to embrace difficult tasks—like, biking 100 miles or raising awareness for autism" – Joe Lang '18