No. 6 Men's Squash Wins Consolation Finals, Downs No. 5 Cornell, 5-4

No. 6 Men's Squash Wins Consolation Finals, Downs No. 5 Cornell, 5-4

Alexander Ma came back from two sets down in the No. 8 match to help the Crimson win 5-4 over Cornell Sunday (Gil Talbot).

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – As the 2011 CSA Men's National Team Championship came to a conclusion Sunday, the No. 6 Harvard men's squash team finished play off with a victory in the consolation finals. The Crimson went 2-1 in the Potter Cup division with wins over No. 7 Dartmouth and No. 5 Cornell.

The Big Red jumped out to an early 3-0 on the Crimson, taking the No. 3, 6 and 9 matches. Cornell was up 2-0 in the No. 2 and 8 matches, ready to close out the match when Harvard shifted the match momentum. While Zeke Scherl was sweeping through the No. 5 match for Harvard's first victory, Endresen and Ma were mounting comebacks in the No. 2 and 8 bouts. Endresen and Ma each stormed through the final three sets of their respective matches and evened the overall match at 3-3.

Brandon McLaughlin quickly dispatched of Arjun Gupta in the No. 4 match, 3-0, to give Harvard a 4-3 lead. Thomas Mullaney served as the clincher for the Crimson, taking down Owen Butler in the No. 7 match, 3-1.

The win over Cornell avenged a 7-2 loss to the Big Red earlier in the season. Harvard will turn its attention to the CSA Individual National Championship next weekend.

No. 1 Nicholas Sachvie (C) def. Gary Power (H) 3-1
No. 2 J. Reed Endresen (H) def. Alex Domenick (C) 3-2
No. 3 Thomas Spettigue(C) def. Richard Hill (H) 3-1
No. 4 Brandon McLaughlin (H) def.  Arjun Gupta (C) 3-0
No. 5 Zeke Scherl (H) def. David Hilton (C) 3-0
No. 6 Rishi Jalan (C) def. Nigel Koh (H) 3-1
No. 7 Thomas Mullaney (H) def. McKay Claghorn (C) 3-1
No. 8 Alexander Ma (H) def.  Owen Butler (C) 3-2
No. 9 Stephen Peever (C) def. William Ahmed (H) 3-1