Experiencing My First New England Blizzard

Experiencing My First New England Blizzard


Freshman softball player Maddy Kaplan hails from Santa Monica, California, the land of sunshine and nice weather. On Tuesday, Jan. 27, she got to experience her first New England snow storm, as blizzard Juno hit the northeastern United States. Below is a recap of Kaplan's experiences.

Growing up on the west coast, snow days were nothing more than a perk of living in cold weather areas that we never got I envisioned them to be filled with hot cocoa, movies, and snowmen, which I recently discovered to be precisely the case. The only issue with these fun-filled days is their disruption of daily life, and when daily life includes working towards an Ivy Championship, they can slow you down a little bit if you don't get creative.

The day before Blizzard Juno struck, I had no idea what to expect. I went to practice that morning where we were told halfway through that the Bubble would be closing for the next day or so. The Bubble, a temporary structure that encases the football field throughout the winter and makes softball practices possible is not a place you want to be "shut down". After my workout, I headed to my classes for the day. Each time I left class, I expected to go outside to a brutal storm, but to my surprised, the rest of the day was fairly calm. That night, I checked outside the window every 5 minutes expecting massive dumps of snow and whistling wind. To my surprise, the snow was just sprinkling, slowly but surely building up on the ground below. My roommates who have all experienced a blizzard before laughed at me and assured me that it would come. 

The next morning I woke up to find the car parked in front of my dorm completely covered in snow. It was insane!  It was still storming pretty hard out, so my roommates and I stayed in, watched TV and did some homework. I was very glad I had been to the grocery store a few days before to stock up on food. 

In the afternoon, the storm calmed down, and I decided to venture out with some friends.  We walked out onto the main road through Harvard Square. Every shop was closed, there were students running around, cross country skiers gliding by in place of yesterday's car traffic and little kids playing on five-foot mounds of snow. It was so cool to me how much the scene had changed from the previous day. We then ventured into Harvard Yard to make a snowman (inspired by the film Frozen).  It was such an amazing sight, watching everyone take a break from their crazy, busy lives to just play in the snow. Another popular activity was sledding down the steps of Widener Library on dining hall trays. All in all, I'd say my first snow day was a success. I had so much fun acting like a little kid in the snow and spending quality time with teammates and friends.  

While the day was mostly fun and games, I wanted to get some sort of workout in because softball season is just around the corner.  Below is a list of ways to get a good workout in on a cold day.

10 Ways to Train in a Blizzard: 
1.     Body weight squats
Maybe find some heavy objects around the room to hold to make it more challenging
2.     Push-ups
3.     Core workout
Planks, crunches, leg lifts, etc.
4.     Bed/Couch Jumps
Instead of box jumps, jump up onto your bed! A very cushy landing.  Note: don't try this if you have bed raisers (or slanted ceilings!)
5.     Stretching/Rolling
On a snow day, there's no excuses not to, you have all the time in the world
6.     Wading through powdery snow
Actually very challenging
7.     Wall sit competition
8.     Arm bands
9.     Throwing snowballs
Throw that snowball with proper mechanics! Maybe don't aim it at someone if you have a good arm…
10. Online yoga class
My roommate and I had a yoga session in our common room.  It's a great way to loosen up and get your body moving!