Summer Blog: Softball's Catherine Callaway

Summer Blog: Softball's Catherine Callaway

Catherine Callaway is interning in Italy this summer (Photo courtesy Callaway).

TRENTO, Italy - My name is Catherine Callaway and I am a rising junior on the varsity softball team. This summer, I was lucky enough to be a part of an eight-week program at the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences in Trento, Italy.

This study abroad experience provides a unique opportunity to not only study cognitive neuroscience with esteemed Harvard faculty, but also to learn Italian through a non-credit language class while exploring Italy's rich tradition and culture.

As a Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology concentrator, I am able to pursue and develop my interest in these topics through engaging lectures, interactive discussions about cutting-edge research, and hands-on laboratory sessions. The most significant and novel experiences thus far have been seeing a first-hand TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) demonstration, and working with my classmates to design and conduct our very own neuroimaging experiment.

While the academics are rigorous, the program allows us to travel the beautiful country of Italy every weekend, through both organized group trips and free time. In addition to Trento and its surrounding towns, by the end of my eight weeks I will have visited Venice, Milan, Tuscany, Sienna, Florence, Rome, Verona, Lake Garda and hiked in the Italian Alps. Aside from travel, I spend my spare time enjoying the sights, fine food and lots of gelato in the Trento city center. I keep active by swimming in the nearby lake, or playing pick up soccer games with the wonderful people in the program and other international students and locals we have met in Italy. I don't have access to a softball field or a gym for lifting, but I dedicate myself to getting in shape using creative workouts, such as running the hills all around our dorms and doing chin-ups off my balcony.

Although this has been an incredible summer, I cannot wait to get back to Boston in the fall and start working towards an Ivy Championship with Harvard softball. I wish the Crimson community all the best with their summer experiences!


Catherine Callaway '17