Summer Blog: Softball's Maddy Kaplan

Summer Blog: Softball's Maddy Kaplan

Maddy Kaplan blogs about her two great internships this summer (Envision Sports Media).

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Hey there! I'm Maddy Kaplan, a rising sophomore on the Harvard softball team. This summer I have had the incredible opportunity to intern at both Lionsgate Entertainment and a startup called Atom Tickets in my hometown, Santa Monica, California.

At Lionsgate, I am interning in the Worldwide Television and Digital Distribution department where I am getting exposure to sales, creative content and distributions rights. The department distributes content both nationally and internationally and it has been really interesting to see the ways in which different cultures, generations and countries consume media. This summer my fellow interns and I have been given various projects to help the department create distribution deals and I have had the privilege of sitting in on important deal meetings as well as a digital streaming conference where I learned about the future of streaming services from upper-level executives at Amazon, Apple and Walmart.  

In addition to Lionsgate, two days a week, I intern at an awesome startup called Atom Tickets that combines dynamic pricing strategy, easy social planning, and pre-ordering concession to make the moviegoer experience easier, cheaper and better. The startup has already launched its app in two cities and is preparing for a nationwide rollout in the next few years. I have been creating portfolios for cities that they will be launching in the near future. It is exciting and stimulating to be a part of something at the beginning that has the potential to change the way tickets to events are purchased. I hope to stay involved with Atom Tickets as they grow. 

While this summer has been a blast and I have learned so much from interning at these two companies, I cannot wait to be back on campus this fall with my teammates, friends and the rest of the Harvard community!


Maddy Kaplan, Class of 2018