Summer Blog: Softball's Kaitlyn Schiffhauer

Summer Blog: Softball's Kaitlyn Schiffhauer

Kaitlyn Schiffhauer checks in from California in this summer (Kaitlyn Schiffhauer courtesy Schiffhauer).

My name is Kaitlyn Schiffhauer and I am a rising sophomore on the varsity softball team.  This summer I've had the opportunity to work at Datastax, a medium-sized startup in the Silicon Valley, as an Applications Engineering Intern in the IT department.  Datastax offers an enterprise version of Apache Cassandra, an open-source, NoSQL database.  Cassandra's database technology allows companies such as Netflix and eBay to keep track of their immense amount of data, without ever having to be offline. At Datastax, I see the technical foundation of the future of Big Data and database technology. 

As a member of the IT department, I work with Datastax's newest software release to help the company better identify their sales opportunities.  Often times, it can get frustrating to search the Internet for possible solutions to problems I encounter and have nothing appear; however, it allows me to appreciate that I am working on a project with the most advanced technology, of which very few people have experience.  To have the chance to work in an environment where I am challenged with this project is incredibly rewarding.

In addition to my project, I hear presentations from various members of the company including one of Datastax's co-founders, one former intern turned full-time employee, and the Vice President of Engineering, who pioneered the internship program here. My fellow interns and I also had the opportunity to have lunch with our CEO and General Counsel.  Many of these leaders emphasized the importance of a great team in building a successful company and workplace.  Whenever I hear the word, "team," I cannot help but smile and think of the softball team. So while this summer has been an incredible Kaitlyn Schiffhauer wait to be back in Cambridge with my teammates, and going all out for another great season!


Kaitlyn Schiffhauer '19