Summer Blog: Erin Lockhart Studies at Sussex, Explores Europe

Summer Blog: Erin Lockhart Studies at Sussex, Explores Europe

Junior Erin Lockhart, an Honorable Mention All-Ivy Selection in 2017, spent the summer studying abroad at the University of Sussex in England.

Studying at Sussex, Exploring Europe (by Erin Lockhart)

My name is Erin Lockhart, and I am a rising junior on the Harvard Softball team. This summer, I was lucky enough to spend eight weeks studying abroad at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England.

I always knew that I wanted to study abroad at some point during my academic career. As I began my search, I wanted to find a program that allowed me to explore an interest outside of my neurobiology concentration, as well as allow me to immerse myself in a completely new environment and culture. The University of Sussex offered both of these.

Sussex is known for its international studies and development programs, and I was able to take two classes in this department. My first class dealt with how social change impacts a country's development, while the second looked at how global development levels impact quality and access to health care. These were areas that I hadn't had much experience in, but they have allowed me to study issues that are increasingly present throughout the world today.

Apart from academics, the program provided many opportunities for travel both within the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Most of my time was spent in Brighton, a city in southern England along the English Channel, and the surrounding towns. Additionally, I've been able to explore London, Hove, Bath, Salisbury, Edinburgh, and Inverness within the UK as well as travel to the Netherlands, France, Denmark, and Ireland. These trips allowed me to create some unforgettable memories from my time abroad.


From visiting the location of the first call for American independence to Stonehenge, which was built 5000 years ago, the history that exists all around is one of the most unique aspects of Europe, and discovering it has been one of my favorite parts of this summer. Exploring these beautiful landscapes and learning about new cultures and ways of life has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I will always remember my time abroad and look forward to the next time I will be able to come back.

While I have loved my experience this summer, I can't wait to get back to Cambridge to reunite with Harvard Softball and the rest of the Harvard community!

Erin Lockhart
Class of 2019