Radcliffe Lightweight Crew V8 Wins Bronze

Photo courtesy of OAC
Photo courtesy of OAC

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – Harvard-Radcliffe lightweight varsity eight medaled for the fifth-straight year, taking home bronze at the IRA National Championships on Mercer Lake.  

The Black and White finished fourth overall in the team points. Stanford won, followed by BU and Wisconsin.

Stanford jumped out to an early lead, while Radcliffe started a few strokes behind the pack. Radcliffe fought back to sit on the stroke seat of the BU boat after 500 meters. The Black and White overcame Wisconsin by the 1,000 meter mark, distancing itself from the Badgers. Radcliffe attempted to push the Terriers with 750 meters to race, overlapping with BU, but could not overcome the deficit. The Black and White posted a time of 6:47.140 to earn the bronze medal.

Wisconsin and UMass jumped out to an early lead in the varsity four race. Radcliffe and BU battled for fourth a length behind Stanford. Over the final 750 meters, Wisconsin pulled away to cruise to a gold medal. UMass held of Stanford to take second overall. Stanford earned bronze, followed by Radcliffe open water behind. The Black and White clocked a time of 7:48.930, a seat in front of the Terriers.  

The double ranked fifth with a time of 8:13.780.

Varsity Eight:
McKenzie Parks (coxswain), Josie Theile (stroke), Gabby McNeill (7), Naomi Lang (6), Kristen Faulkner (5), Elizabeth Pate (4), Alanah Anderson (3), Marina Felix (2), Genevieve Shaw (bow)
Grand Final
Order  Entry   Result
1          Stanford         6:40.480
2          BU       6:43.420
3          Radcliffe         6:47.140
4          Wisconsin      7:00.490
5          MIT     7:02.160
6          Princeton       7:11.580

Varsity Four:
Electra Lang (coxswain), Ada Bielawski (4), Ruby Emberling (3), Erin Walk (2), Katelyn McEvoy (1)
Grand Final
Order  Entry   Result
1          Wisconsin      7:38.650
2          UMass             7:42.660
3          Stanford         7:44.380
4          Radcliffe         7:48.930
5          BU       7:49.850
6          Tulsa   8:03.980

Bel Evans (stroke), Jasmine Schlichting (bow)
Order  Entry   Result
1          BU       7:54.400
2          Wisconsin      7:55.290
3          Stanford         8:07.380
4          Tulsa   8:12.460
5          Radcliffe         8:13.780
6          Princeton       8:40.610