No. 7 Radcliffe Lightweights Win 2V8 at Knecht Cup

No. 7 Radcliffe Lightweights Win 2V8 at Knecht Cup

No. 7 Radcliffe will face No. 10 Dartmouth and No. 12 MIT in the Muri Cup/Beanpot on the Charles River April 15 (Zack Williamson).

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – Against strong competition at The Knecht Cup on Mercer Lake, the No. 7 Radcliffe lightweight crew took gold in the second varsity eight and silver in the varsity four. The Black and White also placed sixth in the first varsity eight, fifth in the heavyweight race, and the varsity four C was fourth in the varsity four grand final.

On Saturday, a day strong winds and tough rowing conditions, Radcliffe's lightweights only completed on race, winning the second heat of the heavyweight event with a time of 6:46.73 to advance to the semifinals.

Conditions greatly improved for Sunday's racing, and the Black and White opened the day with a victory in the third heat of the second varsity eight race. Radcliffe cruised to a time of 7:17.73 in lane 7 to reach the semis. In the semifinal round, Radcliffe earned a second-place finish (6:55.24) behind Boston College (6:53.58), qualifying for the grand final.

The Black and White picked up the gold by completing the grand final in 6:56.15, just ahead of Wisconsin's lightweights (6:57.17) and Boston College (6:57.74).

In the varsity eight preliminaries, Radcliffe came in third in its heat with a mark of 6:55.09 to make it to the final. The Black and White took sixth (6:55.26) in the championship as Stanford won it in 6:44.26, followed by Boston University (6:46.75), Princeton (6:47.85), Tulsa (6:53.85) and Wisconsin (6:54.01).

Radcliffe sent three teams to the varsity four races, and in the semifinals the C and A boats advanced to the semis, finishing first and second with times of 7:50.13 and 7:51.82, respectively. The varsity four B was sixth in its heat in 8:07.1. In the final round, Radcliffe's varsity four A placed second in 7:45.3, just behind the pace of Stanford (7:35.76), while the C boat came in fourth (7:58.04).

In the heavyweight events, the Black and White finished second in its semifinal heat with a mark of 6:49.87, and in the final, Radcliffe came in fifth (6:52.89), behind Miami (6:43.84), Boston University (6:45.77), Stanford (6:47.36) and Massachusetts (6:49.9).

Up next, Harvard will race No. 2 Boston University and No. 6 MIT in the Muri Cup/Beanpot Saturday, April 15. The competition will be streamed live on the Ivy League Digital Network.  

Varsity Eight
Coxswain: McKenzie Parks; Stroke: Alanah Anderson; 7: Josie Theile; 6: Samantha Shao: 5: Elizabeth Pate; 4: Ada Bielawski; 3: Genevieve Shaw; 2: Serena Blacklow; Bow: Erin Walk

Stanford         6:44.26
BU A              6:46.75
Princeton       6:47.85
Tulsa              6:53.85
Wisconsin A   6:54.01
Radcliffe         6:55.26
MIT A             6:55.68

BU A              6:53.66
Wisconsin A   6:55.05
Radcliffe        6:55.09
MIT A             6:57.08
MIT B             7:32.81
BU B              7:33.13

Second Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Electra Lang; Stroke: Julia Baumel; 7; Maria Boyle; 6: Julia Henry; 5: Ruby Emberling; 4: Molly Lesser; 3: Mykayla Sandler; 2: Julia Davis; Bow: Bel Evans

Grand Final
Radcliffe LWT     6:56.15
Wisconsin LWT   6:57.17
Boston College   6:57.74
Bucknell              6:58.03
Miami                  7:00.03
Temple               7:09.85


Boston College  6:53.58
Radcliffe LWT    6:55.24
Fordham            6:56.39
Massachusetts   7:06.40
Villanova            7:14.63
Holy Cross         7:45.87

Radcliffe LWT   7:17.73
Delaware          7:19.89
BU LWT            7:22.30
Canisius            7:38.90
Philadelphia      7:50.82
Penn State        8:09.53

Varsity Four A
Coxswain: Electra Lang; Stroke: Molly Lesser; 3: Maria Boyle; 2: Julia Baumel; Bow: Ruby Emberling

Varsity Four B
Coxswain: Jaqui Epstein; Stroke: Julia Henry; 3: Mykayla Sandler; 2: Julia Davis; Bow: Bel Evans

Varsity Four C
Coxswain: Claire Burch; Stroke: Tessa Buchan; 3: Sarah Lagan; 2: Ellie Bernstein; Bow: Fiona Fitzgerald

Stanford        7:35.76
Radcliffe A    7:45.30
Princeton A  7:53.37
Radcliffe C    7:58.04
MIT                7:59.15
Princeton B  8:04.15
Georgetown 8:12.28


Heat 1
Stanford         7:31.90
Princeton A   7:51.41
MIT                 7:53.21
Georgetown  7:54.87
Tulsa               8:01.87
Radcliffe B     8:07.10

Heat 2
Radcliffe C    7:50.13
Radcliffe A    7:51.82
Princeton B   7:57.42
High Point    8:14.58
Catholic       10:08.65