Radcliffe Lightweights Reclaim Class of 2004 Cup

photo credit Zack Williamson
photo credit Zack Williamson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In the opening regatta of the 2019 season, No. 5 Radcliffe lightweight crew reclaimed the Class of 2004 Cup with a 3.1 second victory over No. 4 Georgetown in the varsity eight race. The crews enjoyed temperatures in the mid-50s with clear skies and winds 0-5 mph on the Potomac. 

The Hoyas opened the day with a strong showing, taking the first three races over the Black and White. Radcliffe came closest to edging the hosts in the varsity four race, getting edged by just 4.8 seconds. 


2V4+ - Mary Kolesar (cox), Ana Watley (stroke), Jeanne Lauer (3), Zizi Kendall (2), Katie Dubinski (bow)

V2x - Molly Sacks (stroke), Molly Lesser (bow)

V4+ - Claire Burch (cox), Maggie Bartchy (stroke), Josephine Volk (3), Hannah McNeill (2), Julia Davis (bow)

V8+ - Juliet Pesner (cox), Olivia Farrar (stroke), Maria Boyle (7), Abigail Koerner (6), Brigid Kennedy (5), Tessa Buchan (4), Mackenzie Smith (3), Claire Albert (2), Gina Cusing (bow) 

Radcliffe – 6:17.5
Georgetown – 6:20.6 

Georgetown – 7:14.3
Radcliffe – 7:19.1 

Georgetown – 7:43.8
Radcliffe – 7:58.3 

Georgetown – 7:16.4
Radcliffe – 7:24.5  

Radcliffe returns home to the Charles River to host Princeton for the Class of 1999 Cup on April 6.