Weld Boathouse (971 Memorial Drive, Cambridge)

Interested in trying out to be a Varsity Lightweight Rower at Harvard? 
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Find out more on Friday, August 30 at 9:30am in the Science Center Hall D
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Weld Boathouse

 What is Lightweight Rowing?
The lightweight team is composed of athletes who are naturally smaller in stature, and weigh in the day before racing at 130 lbs. If you are naturally around or below 130lbs, the lightweight program may be a good fit for you. (If not the heavyweight program also hosts tryouts - check their website!). Each team is slightly different, but we row 6 days per week through most of the academic year, with some additional strength and cross training sessions for varsity. Each practice is about 2 hours, and the novice schedule for this fall involves 4-6 practices each week. The only requirement (other than a physical and a swim test) is that you show up ready to learn and work hard. 

What is a coxswain?
Coxswains are smaller athletes who are the 'brain' in the boat - they are responsible for steering, racing tactics, and managing their crew. If you're interested in being a coxswain, ready to take charge, steer a boat, and learn even more!
How Can I Try Out?
This year we will be having tryouts during the fall and at the end of the season we will be extending invitations to athletes who are excelling to join the varsity team in January. We are looking for athletes who have fitness, strength, rowing skills (developed through the tryout), mental fortitude, and commitment. On the lightweight team we have an extremely supportive and friendly culture and our athletes are good friends in and out of the boathouse. Our team has a longstanding history of excellence, competing at the national level at the IRA Championships, Head of the Charles, and internationally at the Henley Women’s Regatta.
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What if I can't make the meeting?
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