Women’s Fencing Brings Home Six Top-10 Results from the Penn State Open

Women’s Fencing Brings Home Six Top-10 Results from the Penn State Open

Itzkowitz went 4-0 en route to sabre championship (Gil Talbot).

UNIVERSITY Park, Pa. – The women's fencing team competed in its first competition of the year at Penn State on Saturday against fencers from Penn, Ohio State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Temple, Brown and Yale.

Sabre fencer's Aliya Itzkowitz, Adrienne Jarocki and Gabby Tartakovsky, fencing the sabre, finished first, second and sixth, respectively. Itzkowitz went undefeated as she breezed past her table of 16 and eight with scores of 15-8. In her semifinals match, she faced Alexa Antipas and won, 15-10, and later faced teammate Adrienne Jarocki in the finals bout winning by a point, 15-14.

Jarocki, placing second overall, with victories over Sarah Hanvy, 15-4, and Deana Oliver, 15-4, in the tables of 16 and eight, respectively. The captain also won her semifinal bout over Jamie Noville, 15-8. Freshman Gabby Tartakovsky won her first matchup in Crimson facing Gloria Aguilar with a score of 15-12 and lost in the table of eight against teammate Itzkowitz 15-8.

In the foil division, Liana Henderson-Semel finished with a third-place result as she beat Erin Dietsche, 12-8, in the table of 16 and Deseree Ortega-Fergeson, 15-5, in the table of eight with ease. In her semifinal bout, Henderson-Semel lost to Sarah Pak, 15-8. The Crimson's Hellary Zang completed the tournament with a 10th-place result after losing to Ortega-Fergeson, 15-8, in the table of 16.

Freshman Shawn Wallace was the only epee fencer that placed in the top-10, recording her first second-place finish in Crimson. Wallace surpassed the table of 16 and eight with scores of 15-11 and 15-8, respectively. In a semifinal bout, Wallace beat Jessie Radanovich, 15-13, but lost to Safa Ibrahim in a close match with a score of 15-13.

The women will host its first bout of the year as Wellesley travels to the Malkin Athletic Center on Dec. 3 starting at 6 p.m. where viewers can watch on the Ivy League Digital Network.





Aliya Itzkowitz: (Placed 1st overall)
16 – vs. Diana Philpot
8 – vs. G. Tartakovsky
SF – vs. Alexa Antipas
F – vs. Adrienne Jarocki

 15-8, W
 15-8, W
 15-10, W
 15-14, W 

Adrienne Jarocki: (Placed 2nd overall)
16 – vs. Sarah Hanvy
8 – vs. Deana Oliver
SF – vs.  Jamie Norville
F – vs. Aliya Itzkowitz

 15-4, W
 15-4, W
 15-8, W
 15-14, L 

Gabby Tartakovsky: (Placed 6th overall)
16 – vs. Gloria Aguilar     
8 – vs. Aliya Itzkowitz

 15-12, W
 15-8, L 


Liana Henderson-Semel: (Placed 3rd overall)
16 – vs. Erin Dietsche      
8 – vs. Deseree Ortega-Fergeson             
SF – vs. Sarah Pak

 12-8, W
 15-5, W
 15-8, L 

Hellary Zhang: (Placed 10th overall)
16 – vs. Deseree Ortega-Fergeson

 15-8, L

Mackenzie Lawrence: (Placed 11th overall)
16 – vs. Miranda Litzinger

 15-8, L

Hali Nelson: (Placed 20th overall)


Liana Yamin: (Placed 26th overall)




Shawn Wallace: (Placed 2nd overall)
16 – vs. Jessica O'Neil-Lyublinsky
8 -  vs. Ally Micek
SF – vs. Jessie Radanovich
F – vs. Safa Ibrahim

 15-7, W
 15-13, L 

Sharon Ra: (Placed 21st overall)