Itzkowitz, Jarocki, Ra Land on Podium at NCAA Regionals

Itzkowitz, Jarocki, Ra Land on Podium at NCAA Regionals

Itzkowitz earned her first gold at the NCAA Northeast Regionals (Gil Talbot).

POUGHKEEPSIE, New York – The No. 4 women's fencing team finished a day of competing at the NCAA Northeast Regionals with six athletes placing in the top 10. 

Senior Aliya Itzkowitz claimed a gold medal for Harvard, as she placed first in the saber division after going 10-1 in the final round and ended the event with a plus-17 touch differential. Defending national champion, Adrienne Jarocki, placed second in the saber division after finishing 9-2 in final round with a plus-20 touch differential, while Gabby Tartakovsky recorded a 4-7 mark in the round with a minus-16 touch differential. 

The epee division saw Sharon Ra earning a spot on the podium, placing third, while Shawn Wallace also secured a top-10 mark, ranking sixth. Ra ended the final round with a 7-4 record, and Wallace finished 6-5 with a plus-eight and a zero touch differential. 

In the foil division, Hali Nelson and Liana Henderson-Semel wrapped up the top-10 finishers for Harvard. Nelson tallied a 5-6 record and a minus-six touch differential to place eight, while Henderson-Semel also finished with a 5-6 record but a minus-nine touch differential for a ninth-place finish. 

The fencers that will qualify for the NCAA Championships will be announced Tuesday, March 15, with chosen student-athletes fencing on March 24-27 at Brandeis. Harvard finished seventh last year.

Aliya Itzkowitz
Adrienne Jarocki
Gabby Tartakovsky

Hali Nelson
Liana Henderson-Semel
MacKenzie Lawrence

Sharon Ra
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