Women’s Fencing Takes Home Four Victories at Sacred Heart Invitational

Photo Credit: Gil Talbot
Photo Credit: Gil Talbot

FAIRFIELD, Conn.- In the day's events at the Sacred Heart Invitational, the women's fencing team put together a strong showing in its second tournament on the season. Similar to last year, the Crimson captured a 4-1 record over its five opponents.

Harvard opened the tournament with a 24-3 win in the morning matchup against Vassar, with a sweep in sabre, before a hard-fought battle against Penn State. The Crimson resumed its strong offensive attack in the following bouts against host Sacred Heart, Temple and NYU. 

In the contest versus Temple, the Crimson and the Owls continued a back and forth banter in the sabre and foil weapons before Saanchi Kukadia, Sharon Ra and Shawn Wallace put together a string of victories to lead 7-2. With the sweep in the first and third round of epee, the women pushed emerged with a 16-11 victory over Temple. The Crimson concluded with another win over NYU, 25-2.

Harvard Highlights

  • The Crimson notched four sweeps on the day; two in sabre, one in foil and one epee.
  • Shawn Wallace (epee) and Natalie Yang (foil) had the Crimson's top marks, going 10-for-12 on the day.
  • First-year Martha Merriam (sabre) tallied an 8-for-9 record in sabre.

Up Next:

With a quick turnaround, the women look to host Tufts and Wellesley Dec. 4th, beginning at 6 p.m. with broadcast coverage by ESPN+.

Harvard 24, Vassar3
Sabre: 9-0
Foil: 8-1
Epee: 7-2

Harvard 12, Penn State 15
Sabre: 6-3
Foil: 2-7
Epee: 4-5

Harvard 23, Sacred Heart 4
Sabre: 8-1
Foil: 9-0
Epee: 3-6 

Harvard 16, Temple 11
Sabre: 4-5
Foil: 5-4
Epee: 7-2 

Harvard 25, NYU 2
Sabre: 9-0
Foil: 7-2
Epee: 9-0