Men's & Women's Golf Celebrate 2014 Seasons at Annual Banquet

Men's & Women's Golf Celebrate 2014 Seasons at Annual Banquet

By Fred Schernecker, The Paul M. Weissman '52 Director of Harvard Golf

The Harvard Golf Program gathered on Saturday May 3rd at The Country Club in Brookline to celebrate the 2013-2014 season.  Thank you to the Friends of Harvard Golf who make this annual banquet possible and to Leslie Greis ’80 and Jane Lee ’12 who were in attendance.  

The evening is an opportunity to celebrate success and recognize the achievements of our teams and individual members. 

Because we believe in academics first and the “student” component of student-athlete, we should first note that the team GPA after the fall semester was 3.51 for the women’s team and 3.42 for the men’s team.  This is a strong performance indicative of the great effort team members are giving. 

MEN’S GOLF TEAM: Following are the men’s team award winners for 2013-2014.

Rob Erickson ’01 Team Player Award: “Rob Erickson was a three year golf letterman and member of the class of '01 who passed away on January 20, 2005. His friends and teammates knew Rob as a strong advocate for his school, his friends, and the values he shared with his parents. While every Harvard student remembers how it felt to open their acceptance letter, Rob seemed to carry that feeling with him every day throughout college. As a Harvard student-athlete, Rob saw it as his responsibility to help younger players feel welcome at Harvard. When recruits visited campus, Rob was the first to meet them and always offered to house them during their stay. Those who eventually came to Harvard knew they already had one good friend on the team. 

In recognition of Rob’s contributions to Harvard and the golf program, the golf team has created a 

Team Player award to be given to the golfer who best follows Rob’s example in his commitment to team and community – the Rob Erickson ’01 Team Player Award.”

Past Winners:          

'05 – Tom Hegge '07           '06 – James Cleary '06          '07 – Tom Hegge '07

'08 – Mike Shore '09            '09 – John Christensen '09    '10 – Peter Singh '10

'11 -- Theo Lederhausen '14  ’12 – Theo Lederhausen ’14   ’13 – Kevin McCarthy ‘14

Congratulations to the 2014 winner of the Rob Erickson ’01 Team Player Award: Kevin McCarthy '14.

Alex Vik ’78 MVP:   “As a freshman in 1975, Alex won the inaugural Ivy League Championship individually and led the team to their only team Ivy League Championship the same year. The following year he won the individual trophy again and followed up with two more All Ivy performances. Alex has continued to be avaluable member of the Harvard Golf program as a Co-Chair of the Friends of Harvard Board and the father of women’s team member Caroline Vik. This award is given annually to the team member who is most responsible for moving the program toward its vision of becoming the best program in the Northeast.”

Past Winners:

'05 – Chris Wu '05        '06 – David (DJ) Hynes '06       '07 – Greg Shuman '10

'08 – Not awarded.       '09 – Greg Shuman '10            '10 – Tony Grillo '12

'11 -- Mark Pollak '12    ’12 – Tony Grillo ’12                        ’13 – Theo Lederhausen ‘14

Congratulations to the 2014 winner of the Alex Vik ’78 MVP Award: Theo Lederhausen '14.

The Biff Jeeks Harvard Golf Award:  “Named in honor of the legendary man, this award is given to the Harvard golfer who best exemplifies the traditions of excellence at Harvard, who best represents Harvard Golf and whose fighting spirit and character helps them and their teammates overachieve.”

'10 – Greg Shuman '10     '11 -- Kevin McCarthy '14      ’12 – Tony Grillo ’12          ’13 – Michael Lai ‘14

The 2014 Biff Jeeks Award winner is Un Cho ‘16

Captain:   Prior to the banquet, the team voted for team captain.  Congratulations to Akash Mirchandani '15 who will be serving as captain for the upcoming year.

The Andrew Malcolm '02 and John Christensen '09 Recognition of Outstanding Academic and Athletic Achievement for Harvard Men's Golf:   This newly established recognition program was announced at the banquet and is intended to provide a forum for recognition of outstanding achievement in the classroom and on the golf course. Specific accomplishments to be honored include each time (i) a team member wins a tournament individually, (ii) the team wins a tournament, (iii) a team member achieves a 4.0 grade point average in a semester or (iv) a team member earns Academic All American honors.  

The individual wins by Akash Mirchandani at Princeton, Rohan Ramnath at Yale and Theo Lederhausen as well as the team wins at Princeton and Yale will be the first accomplishments to be recognized on the plaques that will be displayed in the indoor practice area.  We’ll be eager to add to this list when we receive academic information and Academic All American information.

Christensen and Malcolm have been thrilled with the progress in the program and want to help us achieve our twin goals of excellence in the classroom and in our athletic pursuits.  The recognition along with a $1,000 donation per achievement will create a virtuous cycle – achievement is recognized while financial support allows for even greater academic and athletic achievement.  

WOMEN’S GOLF TEAM:  Following are the women's team award winners for 2013 - 14.

The Warren Smith Sportsmanship Award: “Warren Smith started the Harvard Women’s Golf program in 1993. For most people who knew Warren, he was the nicest man they knew. A true gentleman. A good man who always had a kind and helpful thing to say. He was a father and a grandfather away from home for many Harvard students and a role model for all. In difficult times and good times; through personal adversity Warren always exhibited Sportsmanship, Dedication, Etiquette, and Kindness. Harvard Women’s Golf awards the Warren Smith Sportsmanship Award each year to the team member who best exemplifies the ideals established by Coach Smith.”

Past Winners:

'02 – Elisa Schaar '04          '03 – Jennifer Cronan '06        '04 – Jacquie Rooney '07

'05 – Carrie Baizer '05         '06 –  Caitlin Hicks '06            '07 – Jacquie Rooney '07

'08 – Debbi Amanti '08        '09  – Claire Sheldon '10         '10 – Sarah Harvey '10

'11 -- Chloe Altchek '13          ’12 – Jane Lee ’12                      ’13 – Benna Nelsen ‘15

Congratulations to the 2014 winner of the Warren Smith Sportsmanship Award: Anne Cheng ‘17

The Biff Jeeks Harvard Golf Award:  “Named in honor of the legendary man, this award is given to the Harvard golfer who best exemplifies the traditions of excellence at Harvard, who best represents Harvard Golf and whose fighting spirit helps them and their teammates overachieve.”

Past Winners:           '10 – Claire Sheldon '10        '11 -- Mia Kabasakalis '11           ’12 – Bonnie Hu ‘14, ’13 – Tiffany Lim

Congratulations to this year’s Biff Jeeks Award winner: Courtney Hooton ‘16.

The Leslie E. Greis ’80 MVP Award:   "A trailblazer for women's golf at Harvard before there was a women's team, Leslie earned a spot on the men's varsity team as a freshman in 1976. She played in men's team tournaments, including a match where she competed as Harvard's number one player against Bates and MIT, and in the few women's individual collegiate tournaments that existed at the time. She was the 1978 Women's Ivy League Champion. After graduation, she competed professionally and became Harvard's first golfer, male or female, to win the National Golf Foundation's Rolex Achievement Award. A supporter of the game on a national level, Leslie became the second-ever women to serve on the PGA of America's Board of Directors and she also served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the LPGA.  The Leslie E. Greis '80 MVP Award is given a! nnually to the player who is the most valuable competitor for the team and who s hows leadership through her respect for her teammates & for the values of the game."

Past Winners:  ’12 – Tiffany Lim ’15   ’13 – Bonnie Hu ‘14

Congratulations to 2014 winner of the Leslie E. Greis '80 MVP Award:  Tiffany Lim ‘15

Captain:   Prior to the banquet, the team elected Tiffany Lim ’15 as their new captain for the coming year.