Women's Lacrosse Completes Summer Training Trip in Prague

Women's Lacrosse Completes Summer Training Trip in Prague

Over the next two weeks the Harvard women's lacrosse team will begin a foreign tour of Prague, Czech Republic. The Crimson will play two games against local teams from  the area and will experience a few weeks in one of Europe's marquee destinations.

June 11 - by Maeve McMahon '17 and Megan Hennessey '17

After spending the last nine days in Prague, HWLAX has returned home. Before we left this past Tuesday, we visited a concentration camp located in Terezín on Monday. Our tour guide Mr. Z led us through numerous museums located on the site and brought us into many of the buildings inside the camp. Having brought us to many historical locations all week, we are extremely thankful for everything Mr. Z has taught us!

Later that night, we played the Czech National Team again. In this game, our team focused on communication, ground balls, and draws, which are the little, most important details in a game that can determine a win or a loss. Our communication improved throughout the game, which allowed us to play better team defense and offense and drastically helped our transition. It was an incredible opportunity to play against the Czech team and to work on various skills in such an unbelievable environment. 

We are so thankful for this opportunity, and we truly appreciate the efforts of all of those who helped make this possible. We would also like to give a shout-out to our teammates who weren't there. We missed you guys and can't wait to see you all again this Fall! Thank you for following! 

June 6 - by Maeve McMahon '17 and Megan Hennessey '17

We're back!!! After our practice Thursday morning, our team toured the Jewish Quarters located within the city of Prague. Led by our extremely knowledgeable tour guide Mr. Z, we visited the oldest functioning synogague in Europe as well as some other interesting landmarks. There is so much history in Prague concerning World War II that is depicted through many of these buildings, and it has been a surreal experience to visit and learn about them. Once our tour ended, we came back to our hotel and had dinner before heading back into the city to explore some more.

After practice Friday morning, we toured the Prague Castle; however, we faced a few obstacles in our journey to get there. At our newly designated meeting spot with Mr. Z, the team arrived in groups as each group decided to take a different form of transportation to get there. Once everyone was there, we realized Jill Sycokura was missing. Apparently, she had decided to go to the market before meeting up with one of the groups at the train stop but she never showed up causing that group to believe she had already left. Luckily, Coach Miller decided to wait for her as the rest of us followed Mr. Z towards the subway. However, the chaos did not stop there. As Mr. Z exited the subway at our destination stop with the majority of the team, our assistant coaches, Caitlyn, Robyn, Tory, and I remained on it because we were unaware that they got off. Thankfully, Trish turned around at one point and noticed no one was there as we were approaching the next stop so we were able to get off and take the subway back. As our coaches would say, communication is not our team's strength. Once we finally arrived at the Prague Castle, the sights were incredible and definitely worth the chaotic journey.

The coaches gave us Saturday off to explore the city on our own, which provided us the opportunity to do various activities. Some of us climbed the astronomical tower, peddleboated down the main city river, and shopped. A few adventurous members of the team ate at a traditional Czech restaurant for dinner while the rest sought out more familiar food. Some of us clocked in at walking 9.5 miles on the day! We're really looking forward to our last full two days in Prague! Make sure to "Czech" back in!

June 3 - by Maeve McMahon '17 and Megan Hennessey '17

We arrived in Prague two days ago after a long, chaotic night of travel. Severe storms in New York left us stranded on the tarmack for three hours; however, this was not a problem for Eliza Guild who fell asleep immediately after boarding the plane (see attached picture).

The red eye flight offered many of us the opportunity to watch some of our favorite movies, including Still Alice, Frozen, and the Incredibles. Once we arrived in Prague and checked into the hotel there was no time to waste. We dropped off our bags and ventured into the town to see explore the city. While navigating the tram system was quite difficult considering none of us know any Czech, we made it.

On our second day in Prague we took a guided tour of some of the great attractions the city has to offer. The beatuy is endless as was evident in the buildings, churches, and palaces we explored. Finishing off the tour with a scenic walk over the Charles Bridge was the icing on the cake (see attached picture).

Another main attraction of the tour and trip is our coach's son Stuart. Some of us kept ourselves entertained by piggy backing and talking about How To Train Your Dragon with him.  Later, we explored the night life and saw the city in a different light.

On our third day in Prague, we had our first practice. It was fun to run around with the squad again and work on our full-field transition and some defensive situations. The heat definitely took a toll on us though as we are used to playing in the cold temperatures that Cambridge brings! Later tonight, we play the Czech National Team, which we are very excited for. So far, our time in Prague has been filled with amazing architecture, many laughs, and interesting food. We can't wait to see what the next few days have to offer!