Conigliaro Leads Wrestling at Jonathan Kaloust Bearcat Open

Philip Conigliaro Jonathan Kaloust Bearcat Open champion graphic

VESTAL, N.Y. – Harvard wrestling first-year Philip Conigliaro won the 165-pound weight class in his debut Sunday at the Jonathan Kaloust Bearcat Open. The effort highlighted a number of impressive showings for the Crimson at its season-opening competition.

Hailing from Dedham, Massachusetts, Conigliaro opened the bracketed event with a pair of decisive victories. First up was a 10-1 major decision over Bucknell's Vincent Andreano, followed by a 13-6 decision over Trey Cornish of Lehigh, which propelled him to the semifinals.

Finding himself one win away from a spot in the finals, Conigliaro did not disappoint, earning a 4-1 decision over Cornell's Jakob Brindley. Then with all eyes on the final, Conigliaro came up big once again, defeating Brindley's teammate, Adam Santoro, in a 6-3 decision to win tournament.

Conigliaro's classmate, Yaraslau Slavikouski, also made a splash in his first collegiate outing. The 285-pounder picked up three consecutive decisions against three straight Army foes (Eldon Elijah Davis-Picou, Dec. 3-1; Ben Sullivan, Dec. 3-2; Brandon Phillips, Dec. 8-5), sending him to the championship match. Slavikouski, however, could not duplicate Conigliaro's performance, falling to Lewis Fernandes of Finger Lakes RTC (Fall 5:22). 

Harvard Highlights
- At 125 pounds, first-year Beau Bayless advanced to the semifinals, but came up short, only to respond by winning his consolation semifinal and earning his way back into the main draw. Bayless ultimately found himself on the short end of a 14-8 decision to Cornell's Dominic LaJoie in the third-place match.
- Michael Jaffe, a first-year competing at 133 pounds, won three consolation matches to fight his way back to the main draw and opposed Darren Miller of Bucknell in the third-place match. Jaffe lost in the first sudden victory period, 10-8.
- Junior Lukus Stricker won five of his first six matches at 141 pounds, setting up a date with Malyke Hines of Lehigh in the third-place match. Hines won by no contest and Stricker finished in fourth place.
- Co-captain Hunter Ladnier finished in fifth place in the 157-pound bracket. The senior won three of his first five matches on the day, two by major decision and another by technical fall, slotting him into the fifth-place match where he won by forfeit over Julian Ramirez (Finger Lakes RTC).
- First-year Mike Doggett placed sixth at 184 pounds. He sandwiched three consolation wins with a pair of defeats to secure a spot in the fifth-place match. Doggett came up short, falling to Jonah Barley by major decision, 12-0.

125 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Beau Bayless (Harvard) over Geo Barzona (Bucknell), Dec. 4-1
Quarterfinal – Beau Bayless (Harvard) over Romeo McNeil (Finger Lakes RTC), Fall 3:00
Semifinal – Luke Werner (Lock Haven) over Beau Bayless (Harvard), Fall 5:39
Consolation Semifinal – Beau Bayless (Harvard) over Brandon Seidman (Bucknell), Dec. 6-4
Third-Place – Dominic LaJoie (Cornell) over Beau Bayless (Harvard), Dec. 14-8 

133 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Dillon Murphy (Harvard), Bye
Championship Round 2 – Andrew Wert (Army) over Dillon Murphy (Harvard), Dec. 7-1
Consolation Round 2 – Dillon Murphy (Harvard), Bye
Consolation Round 3 – Dillon Murphy (Harvard) over Michael Simonetti (Franklin & Marshall), TF 17-0
Consolation Round 4 – Brandon Loperfido (Lock Haven) over Dillon Murphy (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 10-1

Championship Round 1 – Michael Jaffe (Harvard), Bye
Championship Round 2 – Michael Jaffe (Harvard) over Ryan Hetrick (Army), Dec. 7-5
Quarterfinal – Zack Trampe (Binghamton) over Michael Jaffe (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 13-3
Consolation Round 4 – Michael Jaffe (Harvard) over David White (Unattached), MFF
Consolation Round 5 – Michael Jaffe (Harvard) over Cole Wyman (Army), Fall 2:00
Consolation Semifinal – Michael Jaffe (Harvard) over David Campbell (Bucknell), Dec. 12-5
Third-Place – Darren Miller (Bucknell) over Michael Jaffe (Harvard), SV-1 10-8 

141 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Logan Brown (Army), Dec. 1-0
Championship Round 2 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Sean Coakley (Franklin & Marshall), Maj. Dec. 13-4
Quarterfinal – Connor McGonagle (Lehigh) over Lukus Stricker (Harvard), Dec. 5-0
Consolation Round 4 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Wilfredo Gil (Franklin & Marshall), SV-1 8-6
Consolation Round 5 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Julian Sanchez (USMAPS), Dec. 4-2
Consolation Semifinal – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Ryan Moore (Cornell), Dec. 3-1
Third-Place – Malyke Hines (Lehigh) over Lukus Stricker (Harvard), NC 

Championship Round 1 – Michael Russo (Cornell) over Robert Groves (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 19-8
Consolation Round 1 – Robert Groves (Harvard), Bye
Consolation Round 2 – Robert Groves (Harvard) over Zach Glenn (Army), MFF
Consolation Round 3 – Wilfredo Gil (Franklin & Marshall) over Robert Groves (Harvard), Fall 4:35 

Championship Round 1 – Theodore Powers (Unattached) over Matt Smith (Harvard), Fall 1:55
Consolation Round 1 – Julian Sanchez (USMAPS) over Matt Smith (Harvard), TF 16-1 

149 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Andrew Pace (Harvard), Bye
Championship Round 2 – Craig Tanner (USMAPS) over Andrew Pace (Harvard), SV-1 14-2
Consolation Round 2 – Andrew Pace (Harvard), Bye
Consolation Round 3 – Andrew Pace (Harvard) over John Kazalas (Binghamton), MFF
Consolation Round 4 – Andrew Pace (Harvard) over Tyler Williams (Bucknell), Dec. 6-3
Consolation Round 5 – Craig Tanner (USMAPS) over Andrew Pace (Harvard), Dec. 12-6 

Championship Round 1 – Aaron Kruk (Harvard) over Noah Hanau (Army), Maj. Dec. 13-3
Championship Round 2 – Matt Swanson (Binghamton) over Aaron Kruk (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 16-3
Consolation Round 2 – Aaron Kruk (Harvard), Bye
Consolation Round 3 – Chris Schoenherr (Cornell) over Aaron Kruk (Harvard), Dec. 9-4 

157 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard), Bye
Championship Round 2 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Chase McCollum (Franklin & Marshall), Maj. Dec. 11-2
Quarterfinal – Julian Ramirez (Finger Lakes RTC) over Hunter Ladnier (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 11-1
Consolation Round 4 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Micah Hoffman (Cornell), Maj. Dec. 17-3
Consolation Round 5 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Taylor Brown (Army), TF 15-0
Consolation Semifinal – Zach Hartman (Bucknell) over Hunter Ladnier (Harvard), Dec. 7-2
Fifth-Place – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Julian Ramirez (Finger Lakes RTC), FF 

165 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) over Vincent Andreano (Bucknell), Maj. Dec. 10-1
Quarterfinal – Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) over Trey Cornish (Lehigh), Dec. 13-6
Semifinal – Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) over Jakob Brindley (Cornell), Dec. 4-1
First-Place – Philip Conigliaro (Harvard) over Adam Santoro (Cornell), Dec. 6-3 

174 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Chris Foca (Finger Lakes RTC) over Peter Ferraro (Harvard), TF 19-4
Consolation Round 1 – Peter Ferraro (Harvard) over Frankie Guida (Bucknell), Maj. Dec. 13-3
Consolation Round 2 – Peter Ferraro (Harvard) over Jarek Gozdieski (Bucknell), Fall 1:32
Consolation Round 3 – Alexander Melikian (Binghamton) over Peter Ferraro (Harvard), Inj. 0:45 

184 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Sahm Addulrazzaq (Army) over Mike Doggett (Harvard), Dec. 8-3
Consolation Round 1 – Mike Doggett (Harvard) over Geoffrey Magin (Franklin & Marshall), Dec. 5-4
Consolation Round 2 – Mike Doggett (Harvard) over Reid Robilotto (Franklin & Marshall), Dec. 11-4
Consolation Round 3 – Mike Doggett (Harvard) over Jonathon Fagen (Cornell), Dec. 9-3
Consolation Semifinal – Kendal Eflstrum (NJRTC) over Mike Doggett (Harvard), Dec. 2-1
Fifth-Place – Jonah Barley (Cornell) over Mike Doggett (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 12-0 

197 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Nico Manzonelli (Army) over Evan Callahan (Harvard), MFF
Consolation Round 1 – Joe Miller (Army) over Evan Callahan (Harvard), MFF 

285 Pounds
Championship Round 1 – Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard) over Eldon Elijah Davis-Picou (Army), Dec. 3-1
Quarterfinal – Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard) over Ben Sullivan (Army), Dec. 3-2
Semifinal – Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard) over Brandon Phillips (Army), Dec. 8-5
First-Place – Lewis Fernandes (Fingler Lakes RTC) over Yaraslau Slavikouski (Harvard), Fall 5:22 

Next Up
Harvard will return to the mat on Nov. 24, when it travels to the City of Brotherly Love to compete at the Keystone Classic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.