Wrestling’s Ladnier Captures Title at Franklin & Marshall Open

Hunter Ladnier champion graphic

LANCASTER, Pa. – Harvard wrestling had a pair of student-athletes finish in the top-3, highlighted by Hunter Ladnier's title at 157 pounds, at the David H. Lehman Franklin & Marshall Open on Saturday in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

A Franklin & Marshall finalist a season ago, Ladnier finished the deal in his senior season, battling his way through the 157-pound bracket. The team co-captain won his first three matches by technical fall and by a combined score of 50-1. Then in the quarterfinals, Ladnier dismissed Brown's Matthew Lattanze by major decision, 11-2, and defeated F&M's Noah Chan, 6-1, to earn a spot in the title bout. With first place on the line, the Ohio native recorded a 14-4 major decision over Michael North to capture gold.

Pennsylvania native Beau Bayless, meanwhile, returned to his home state and was impressive in his first two matches at 125 pounds, claiming a 5-3 victory over Navy's Matthew Cardello and pinning the unattached Zach Spencer in 55 seconds. The first-year hit a speed bump in the semifinals, falling narrowly to Geo Barzona of Bucknell, 4-2, but rebounded in the third-place match by downing Brown's Reese Fry in major-decision fashion, 14-3. 

Harvard Highlights
- Junior Lukus Stricker went 4-2 on the day at 141 pounds, pinning one foe (Columbia's Gunnar Fuss) and winning a pair by major decision (Unattached Connor Alexander, Navy's Jonathan Miranda).
- Andrew Pace picked up two wins while competing at 149 pounds. The first-year pinned Campbell's Bobby Pryhocki and scored a 14-2 major decision over Hunter Adams of Sacred Heart.
- First-year Mike Doggett was a two-time winner at 184 pounds, recording a 15-0 technical fall vs. Appalachian State's Mason Fiscella and a 6-2 decision over Hampton Boyd of Navy. 

125 Pounds
Round of 16 – Beau Bayless (Harvard) over Matthew Cardello (Navy), Dec. 5-3
Round of 8 – Beau Bayless (Harvard) over Zach Spencer (Unattached), Fall 0:55
Semifinal – Geo Barzona (Bucknell) over Beau Bayless (Harvard), Dec. 4-2
Third Place – Beau Bayless (Harvard) over Reese Fry (Brown), Maj. Dec. 14-3

133 Pounds
Round of 16 – Dillon Murphy (Harvard) over Ray Calderaio (Ursinius College), Dec. 6-3
Round of 8 – Orion Anderon (Unattached) over Dillon Murphy (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 12-3
Consolation Round of 8 – Carmen Ferrante (Penn) over Dillon Murphy (Harvard), TF 15-0 

141 Pounds
Round of 32 – Bobby Groves (Harvard) over Sean Coakley (Franklin & Marshall), Dec. 10-7
Round of 16 – Dawson Bates (Appalachian State) over Bobby Groves (Harvard), Dec. 7-2
Consolation Round of 8 – Anthony Sountis (Maryland) over Bobby Groves (Harvard), Dec. 4-2 

Round of 32 – Danny Bertoni (Unattached) over Tucker Ribman (Harvard), TF 17-0
Consolation Round of 16 – Tucker Ribman (Harvard) over Connor Alexander (Unattached), Dec. 7-2
Consolation Round of 8 – Andrew Gapas (Rutgers) over Tucker Ribman (Harvard), Dec. 9-3 

Round of 64 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Connor Alexander (Unattached), Maj. Dec. 13-0
Round of 32 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Gunnar Fuss (Columbia), Fall 6:44
Round of 16 – Mike Blando (Long Island) over Lukus Stricker (Harvard), Fall 2:01
Consolation Round of 8 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Samuel Lynch (Brown), Dec. 4-0
Consolation Round of 4 – Lukus Stricker (Harvard) over Jonathan Miranda (Navy), Maj. Dec. 9-1
Consolation Round of 4 – Danny Bertoni (Unattached) over Lukus Stricker (Harvard), Dec. 6-3 

Round of 32 – Andrew Gapas (Rutgers) over Matt Smith (Harvard), TF 16-0
Consolation Round of 8 – Tyler Dilley (Unattached) over Matt Smith (Harvard), TF 19-4 

149 Pounds
Round of 32 – Nick Santos (Rutgers) over Andrew Pace (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 10-1
Consolation Round of 8 – Andrew Pace (Harvard) over Bobby Pryhocki (Campbell), Fall 1:07
Consolation Round of 4 – Andrew Pace (Harvard) over Hunter Adams (Sacred Heart), Maj. Dec. 14-2
Consolation Round of 4 – Jon Errico (Penn) over Andrew Pace (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 12-2 

Round of 64 – Josh Breeding (Princeton) over Zeth Dean (Harvard), Fall 1:32
Consolation Round of 16 – Richard Aldarondo (Sacred Heart) over Zeth Dean (Harvard), Fall 1:51 

157 Pounds
Round of 64 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Garrett Fisk (Unattached), TF 16-0
Round of 32 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Eli Smith (Franklin & Marshall), TF 16-0
Round of 16 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Cameron Connor (Penn), TF 18-1
Round of 8 – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Matthew Lattanze (Brown), Maj. Dec. 11-2
Semifinals – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Noah Chan (Franklin & Marshall), Dec. 6-1
Finals – Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) over Michael North (Unattached), Maj. 14-4 

174 Pounds
Round of 32 – Forest Belli (Princeton) over Pierce Bausano (Harvard), Fall 2:32
Consolation Round of 8 – Frank Guida (Bucknell) over Pierce Bausano (Harvard), Fall 6:18 

184 Pounds
Round of 16 – Dean Drugac (Old Dominion) over Mike Doggett (Harvard), Dec. 4-2
Consolation Round of 8 – Mike Doggett (Harvard) over Mason Fiscella (Appalachian State), TF 15-0
Consolation Round of 8 – Mike Doggett (Harvard) over Hampton Boyd (Navy), Dec. 6-2
Consolation Round of 4 – Michael Battista (Virginia) over Mike Doggett (Harvard), Dec. 10-4 

197 Pounds
Round of 32 – Demazio Samuel (Appalachian State) over Evan Callahan (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 12-3
Consolation Round of 8 – Kevin Makosy (Unattached) over Evan Callahan (Harvard), Maj. Dec. 13-5 

Next Up
Harvard returns to action on Jan. 11, when it travels to Phoenix, Arizona to face Arizona State, Iowa State and Campbell at Chase Field. The action begins at 1 p.m. ET.