Women’s Tennis Shines at Harvard Invitational

Sophia Ho strikes a ball during warm ups at the Harvard Fall Classic. (Photo via Phil Tor)
Sophia Ho strikes a ball during warm ups at the Harvard Fall Classic. (Photo via Phil Tor)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard Women's Tennis showed out in the first day of the Harvard Invitational, winning six of eight doubles matches and seven of nine singles matches.

In flight A doubles action, the duo of Natasha Gonzalez and Rachel Eason powered through teams from Cornell and Boston University to make it to the championship round. Joining them are teammates Sophia Ho and Rachel Lim, who bested teams from Cornell and Georgetown on the day to advance to the finals.

In flight B, the first-year doubles duo of Demi Snyder and Mihaela Marculescu defeated teams from Georgetown and Cornell to reach the finals. Teammates Chelsea Williams and Annika Bassey dropped a competitive match with Dani Blaser and Lily O'Fagan of Boston University in the first round.

The Crimson had nine student-athletes compete in singles action on Friday in four draws. In flight A, Gonzalez defeated her Hoya foe, Agata Mikos, in the opening round. Eason followed along, defeating Katherine Nguyen of Boston University to advance to the semi-finals.

Marculescu and Lim continued to power through the competition in flight B, as both breezed past their first-round opponents to advance to tomorrow's semi-final round.

Williams and Ho also will continue on to tomorrow's round after victories in flight C. First-year Lauryn Wu also joined the group with a victory over Terrier opponent, Mia Wallace, in flight D.

Tomorrow's matches will be streamed live on ESPN3. For more information click here.



Flight A:
Eason/Gonzalez def. Ho/Deng (Cornell)
Ho/Lim def. Adiaconitei/Nguyen (Cornell)
Eason/Gonzalez def. Di Battista/Angyalosy (BU)
Ho/Lim def. Yaloz/Kim (BU)

Flight B:
Blaser O'Fagan (BU) def. Williams/Bassey
Huang/Campbell (Cornell) def. Leschly/Wu
Snyder/Marculescu def. De Santis/Short (GU)
Snyder/Marculescu def. Pryce/El Ashram (Cornell)


Flight A:
Rachel Eason def. Katherine Nguyen (Cornell)
Natasha Gonzalez def. Agata Mikos (GU)

Flight B:
Mihaela Marculescu def. Sofie Moenster (GU)
Rachel Lim def. Olivia Ashton (GU)

Flight C:
Sophia Ho def. Carmen Aizpurua (GU)
Chelsea Williams def. Fatima El Ashram (Cornell)

Flight D:
Lauryn Wu def. Mia Wallace (BU)
Sarah Campbell (Cornell) def. Kayla Leschly
Dani Blaser (BU) def. Demi Snyder